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Same beliefs keeps returning again and again


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It could be that there's something wanted, or something "true" there that isn't be appreciated or seen. It also could be that in the need or attempt to rid yourself or exclude yourself of them, that you create them, because this is a Universe of no exclusion. It could be that you haven't yet defined and therefore then given focus to what you do want in its place. 

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It’s a process until it isn’t. In large part that’s the same as there’s a separate self and causation, until there isn’t / wasn’t.


The fundamental stickiness is the repetition and attachment in terms of misidentification. I’m not a fan of faith because it kind of sounds like ‘just believe’. But faith in yourself is different imo. ‘That’ you can rely on and place your trust in. So have faith in yourself. Trust that ‘it’, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment - is within you. Processes like Katie Byron’s ‘the work’ and the turnarounds expressing appreciation where there may have been resentment, bitterness or animosity do work. Paradoxically it takes time. But it does work. 


It might be insightful to do a sort of life assessment in terms of being and experience. Experience in so far as separation and objects can not truly satisfy or bring about real lasting happiness. It’s a tricky mind game of always onto the next experience basically. What is the true nature only arises of and as the true nature. Maybe write two lists. One of what you do each day to allow the true nature, and one of what you do which could be said to be seeking better feeling from experience, and then reallocate your time / priorities / activities accordingly. Also, if there isn’t, get a cathartic activity in the name of well being on the calendar. Anything from a massage or reiki to a retreat. Even just taking a short trip and getting out of the familiar can bring about new or renewed clarity. 


There is also nuance of thoughts to consider. Subtle implications in terms of alignment of thought with feeling. Attempting to ‘get over’ implies a separate self and discordant repeating beliefs as obstacles to get past, which is different than embracing and fully feeling and seeing / feeling that the discord does dissolve into / by / via the nature of yourself. ‘For good’ can mean forever or permanently, implying time and again coming from the perspective of the separate self in time. For good as in for me, just for the good, for the allowing of the goodness that I am into this moment or even this life is slightly different. It’s for the good ‘itself’, yourself. For and only for the well being of it. 



You are vastly, infinitely bigger than any momentary phenomenon such as thoughts, perception, emotions and sensation. The more these are allowed to be felt, and the more fully these are allowed to be felt, the clearer and clearer this is. 


There is also no supplement for selflessness. I don’t have the words to capture just how life changing and pattern-breaking spending just one day for ‘others’ is. It’s so renewing. Puts everything in perspective like nothing else really can. 



It can also be helpful to explore content vs substance. To be aware that whenever the content of thought / belief is experienced, the substance is experienced, and there is no exception to this / it can be no other way. Put another way, that you are the screen and all which can be experienced, referenced etc is movie - and that the only actuality of the movie is the screen. So when a discordant thought or belief arises you might question - what is it made of. 


Emotional scale wise, as a reference of the usefulness of the tool and also as representative of the ‘bigger picture’… when you use it, always finish it. If less than love & happiness are settled for, then less than love & happiness are settled for. This can also bring up ‘stuff’ along the lines of resentments towards others or desparaging beliefs against self etc which have been ‘under the radar’. 



Above all else, self-love. Look for every opportunity big & small to self sooth and self love. This is allowing the ‘substance’ and giving less weight to the content / phenomena / experience.  Even the framing of ‘the same beliefs again and again’ might be too harsh or self-critical. Only the ‘substance’ is the same. A repeating belief is like rain repeating. In a general reference it’s all the same rain, but technically no two raindrops are the same. There’s a little space in noticing this, and that space can be filled with self-appreciation. It’s not exactly the same belief or beliefs. All which is experienced is indeed changing. Everything you’re ‘doing’, looking into, applying, questioning - it’s making a difference, it really is. Allow yourself to feel good about it. Imo it’s noble, honorable, respectful and even if not quite yet, empowering. 

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@PhilThank you, resonates. I will look some place to offer my service. Something that doesn't involve money or anything. Too much self-absortion doesn't feel good. Or any i guess 🙂 


Just finished the scale and some resistant was coming up in the end. More than in the beginning.

Feeling into the heart a lot of tightness and just a dark, stuck spot is felt. Is full awareness and staying with whatever it is, the best way to go about it? 

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1 hour ago, WhiteOwl said:

Just finished the scale and some resistant was coming up in the end. More than in the beginning.

That’s great! That’s the idea. Shining the light you are on it shakes it out of the bushes, brings it up & out from ‘the shadows’. It’s empowering / draws upon your true power. 


1 hour ago, WhiteOwl said:

Feeling into the heart a lot of tightness and just a dark, stuck spot is felt. Is full awareness and staying with whatever it is, the best way to go about it? 

Yes. Full awareness / feeling it fully / allowing it to be acknowledged and to receive love. Like a slightly wilted flower receiving water, sunlight and love, it’s brought back to life. 


It’ll most likely be related to a past relationship and discordant aspects that were internalized and identified with / as… and or… some kind of notion of ‘that’s just how life / reality is’. It’s discordant because you are in fact the creator of your reality. You’re also innocent as all get out, as are we all, and in our innocence we’re easily impressionable and influenced. 


Just taking 5 or 10 minutes to write three things you appreciate about whoever or whatever comes up is so simple in practice that it’s often overlooked. But it’s incredibly powerful. Imo it’s the single most orientational, vibrational and life changing thing anyone can do. It’s a drawing upon feeling, the true nature, the real infinite you… which illuminates discordant or shadow aspects that are like discordant residue. Fear, worry, anger etc, discord, can only ‘live’ in the darkness. There’s a lot of truth in the silly old saying ‘fear knocked on the door, faith answered, and no one was there’. It just can’t be emphasized enough imo that all the power lies within you and is readily available to be applied to any situation, circumstance, phenomena or emotion that feels otherwise discordant. 


Visualizing alongside this is also very powerful. As an example, imagine and literally use your hands, as if taking all of that tightness, darkness and stuckness out of your heart… packing it into a dense heavy ball in front of you… and then slowly pushing that ball onto a track in front of you. Really feel into the weight of it, and imagine it rolling away from you. Feel that you are left lighter as you do. Take deep breathes as you do this too, and exhale it out while pushing the ball forward / away. 


Another practice for difficult emotions or stuckness around the heart is mining with the breathe. Excavating. Taking a big stomach breathe in, allowing the discord / emotion to be felt.. and then exhaling slowly and deliberately expelling the discord out of the body. 

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@WhiteOwl it's up to you to see this for yourself and how it's unfolding uniquely in your experience but: Somehow you're holding back the Love from flowing through you. 


Check within, are there triggers where you hold back from giving/expressing outward Love/Forgiveness? 


Are there certain topics or areas of your life where thoughts react with "No! I'm gonna be right about this! Or it's my fault!"? 


Love and Forgiveness slow the momentum of suffering. 

"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

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