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Ecstatic Dance trip report

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I tried out an esctatic dance event just on a whim because another event got cancelled. It involves completely allowing your body to move spontaneously without any choreography. No alcohol, no talking, no phones, no pickup, no standing around and watching. It seemed like some weird culty shit but I was like fuck it and went anyways. It was an incredible experience.


As soon as I got there I started meeting more spiritual people than I had met in years. Everyone seemed super chill and non judgemental. We started with a cacao ceremony where we sat in a circle and meditated on manifestation. The cacao smelled like chocolate but tasted quite bitter and extremely intense. It felt like it was cleaning out my insides as it moved down into my stomach. As the cacao entered my stomach, a lot of trapped emotions got released but in a strange mindful way. Once the music started I was immediately pulled into a psychedelic state. Normally I would be very nervous dancing around random people I've never met, but the environment was welcoming enough that I knew they wouldn't judge me. As soon as we started dancing I was completely immersed. I was just allowing my body to move and I felt really good. Like I was completely free to express myself in movement.


The organiser told us to find a partner and I turned to face an extremely beautiful girl. We danced and stared into each others eyes. It felt like she was staring deep into my soul. Normally I can be quite shy around girls but this time there was almost no fear. I was transfixed by her beauty but not in a sexual way. More like just seeing her inner being and our shared oneness. We hugged and exchanged welcoming words, she told me her name and I forgot it seconds later. I then repeated this process with multiple people who seemed just as in awe as me. The dance continued and I became further immersed. It felt truly psychedelic as I felt ego dissolve into the dance as if I was completely one with the movement and the dance. My body was completely moving on its own. 


The experience started to get more interesting. As I was dancing, I noticed egoic and neurotic thoughts and emotions arising. (Think Protector parts in IFS) Thoughts about wanting to impress other people, worrying about what other people were thinking of me, spiritual ego, repressed anger, sexual thoughts and judgemental thoughts about others. These thoughts would usually overwhelm me but instead of fighting them I allowed myself to express them through my movement. This made my movements change dramatically. Instead of the fluid movements I was making before, the movements based on my negative neurotic thoughts were more violent, chaotic and erratic but with an incredible beauty. Expressing these feelings though dance felt very primal. People around me started screaming and I screamed to which felt amazing. I danced my way around the venue visiting other random people. Every time I made eye contact with someone, we mutually smiled at each other. The whole venue was quite hot and I was incredibly sweaty.


Eventually my feel started getting tired and my movements slowed down a bit to become much slower and flowing. I joined a group of strangers my age and they welcomed me as if we had known each other for years. We danced together in a coordinated way, our movements matching each other. There was no social anxiety at all because I knew they were not judging me and I was not judging them. There were a pile of tarot cards in the corner and the ones I picked up happened to describe my life situation perfectly.

Eventually the dance came to an end and we sat around for a final meditation. They served fresh fruit afterwards which was the nicest tasking fruit I have ever had. Everyone I spoke to was incredibly kind and loving.


As the event ended and I went home, I noticed my inhibitions and protector parts returning like 'what the fuck just happened'. I was completely exhausted and covered in sweat. I had a shower and slept for about 11 hours.

The whole experience was insane. I can't believe I exposed true self and danced like a madman in front of random people and yet I did not feel anxiety at all. Will I be going there again? yes.


tldr: Its like clubbing for hippies. Highly recommend.

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Love ecstatic dances. I feel they can be such a powerful release for people. 

It is such warm welcoming environment & experience. Just freely moving our bodies around.

Trauma release, connecting with the Earth through movement.

It is awesome that I see this kind of stuff more everyday!

Let’s heal the planet, yay! 😋




Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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