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What is Wisdom?

Isagi Yoichi

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Clarity of intention aligned with feeling.


"I love wisdom. And you can never be great at anything unless you love it. Not be in love with it, but love the thing, admire the thing. And it seems that if you love the thing, and you don't just want to possess it, it will find you." -Maya Angelou

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4 hours ago, Omar Osama said:

What is Wisdom?

Understanding self evident evolving or believing there is no such thing as self evident evolving.  Actually alive vs factually nobody can prove or disprove how evolving does specifically happen now.


Objective how and why with subjective what, where, when, which, place, thing, person existed, exists here as the past or currently alive. Theories and theoloiogies just create reasonable doubt with living taking place sieries parallel positions of ancestry occupying space specifically being the social characters staging institutional humanity control outcomes to ancestral positions living their time reproductively here.


instinctive sense of proportion vs social interpretation of being more than the total sum of the whole where collective opinions take control over individual standing their personal time evolving as equally occupying time as any other.

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5 hours ago, almond said:

wisdom is life experience


What is a life experience? Conceived to dead, learning in the meantime, dead to decomposed is still evolving forward now since arriving a fertilized cell like anything else reproductively present.


Periodic elements universal positions and DNA to genetic combinaitons alive in a native atmosphere.


Wisdom is learning the know the differece between experiencing life as one of a kind eternally separated by genetic position occupying space here vs playing a role in other people's realtiies never being honest about evolving in plain sight.

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Wisdom can't be codified and learned like knowledge can.  Wisdom can only be your wisdom.  Wisdom is an intuitive knowing of what the right reaction to something is.  Wisdom is your judgment that's informed by your experience.  When we say someone is wise, only they can know that inside themselves.  What we're doing there is appreciating the results of someone else's wisdom.  I gotta make a video on this (but I won't post it here).  You are golden to me when it comes to video topic ideas!  Here's another question -- is truth knowledge, wisdom, both, or neither?

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15 minutes ago, Joseph Maynor said:


That's the best answer imo.  Me either.  And I'm good with that too.  I even like the little laugh at the end showing you could care less too.  Yep.  You win the koan from my point of view.


You like my replies a lot 

I dont anything about anything

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