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I use Tamanu oil for my face right now, works well but I need more hydration for my dry skin than that.
I've been using raw Shea butter for dry skin on hands & legs, but it doesn't really work for me because I have incredibly dry skin, it even hurts. I probably should change the soap I use at home too. If someone knows something else good for dry skin, I'd like to hear.

I'm also looking for something that actually works for my hair. I prefer natural ingredients. My scalp is very dry and hair gets easily greasy so I need something mild & hydrating for the scalp. Most things I've used are drying out the scalp too much and I think the scalp is compensating with producing even more oil.

I don't often do make-up, mostly for special occasions. I usually like eyeliner, dark eye-shadow or complementary colours that make my eyes shine green.
I love glittery and shimmery stuff. I have loose biodegradable glitter that I use. Shimmery high-lighters and eye-shadows are pretty. 
I don't use foundation and stuff like that because I don't like how it feels on the skin, it's mostly that I like eye-makeup. Blush is pretty though. 

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Aloe Vera is easy to grow at home and very healing for skin. I don't tolerate it anymore but when I did I ended up having most windows full of Aloe Vera plants because they grow quickly. There are different kinds of Aloe vera, some kinds are not for skin care so make sure it's the right one that can be used for skin. 🌱

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