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Diversity quota through women only

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I noticed in my company, out of the male SVPs and CO, 90+ % are white male, including the CEO. Out of the COs all males are white. With women, it’s a different story, there are less women in such high roles, but all of them are non white. Are the company’s filling out/compensating their diversity quota with females?


I notice in media too, if there ever is a non white leading character, they are going to be women. For example, little mermaid, the mermaid is black, BUT the prince and her dad are white. 


In fact, I struggle to find any movie I’ve seen with a leading non white male character, especially Asian males. Even in Harry Potter, there is not a single Asian male character, while there were 3 significant Asian female characters. Out of all rom coms I’ve seen, if there is a non white character it’s always a woman and she will be in love with a white male. 


Is this world still very much a white male dominated world? Is media still completely biased and trying to uphold the white male power/supremacy? 

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