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I want peace. I want liberation.


I want for the fear, the doubt, the shame, the worry to end.


It makes no sense to feel like this. It's literally nonsensical, maybe even insane.


I'm here, This Is. But there seems to be discord, there seems to be suffering. What the fuck?


I don't want to settle for this shit. I know this isn't what all this is intended for. Obviously this is for happiness, joy, paradise, heaven.


There must be an effortless way.

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It's a universe of no exclusion. When we think something we want to exclude, we include it in our now, and it's all just now. The thread about the difference between guilt and shame was great I thought, although I got it a lot more after reading it a second time much later. Maybe it's time to revisit it?

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Ya. We all want this. 


But suffering seems to be part of the path. I've done retreats where Buddhist teachers were participants and they cried like anyone else, perhaps more so. 


I'm a big fan of practicing Kindness, resilience, and equanimity. Great stuff, very useful. "Use all obstacles as the path to bodhi" , is a lojong saying i like. 


"Do not be a bodhisatta; do not be an arahant; do not be anything at all. If you are a bodhisatta, you will suffer; if you are an arahant, you will suffer; if you are anything at all, you will suffer".-- Ajahn Chah 



“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” ― The Buddha

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Human peace ain't liberation peace.  Liberation Peace allows for and accounts for discordance.  We've learned that on here -- or at least I've learned that on here.  When you deal with other people or focus on relationship there's always going to be dramatic ups and downs.  The key is can you hold it together or not.  That's relationship mastery work.  Emotional mastery work is necessary to avoid wanting to sever the highest relation which itself is a Marriage if you believe the Whole is Good.

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