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Dream of a Monkey in a Labcoat


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I had a dream I was flying in my house in the living room. It felt nice, Its not my first dream of flying, ive had many dreams of flying around, in the sky or in space (those are overwhelming admittedly). 


I was flying in the living room, and it felt like swimming but not, flying in the dream world is a very intuitive thing, you just do it, theres no instruction manual for how to fly, its like breathing now.


I had a friend who was a monkey in a lab coat, he was able to speak and we were talking like normal buddies. 


But as I was flying upward towards the ceiling in my house my friend jumped up (like 16 feet high) and bit me. 


Then he fell back down and jumped back up to bite me, I got scared and started trying to fly higher before he'd jump again. It was fun, kinda like playing tag. 


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I have flying dreams too. 


It's funny how in the dream it's just normal thing and you don't think much of it but when you wake up, you're like "oh, I forgot flying isn't like a thing we do".


For me it's always sort of like I'm swimming in air. I do the swimming movements and everything lol.


Everyone is waiting for eternity but the Shaman asks: "how about today?"

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