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Just One Good Day

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5 hours ago, MazE said:

That's good advice. You can also break this down further to a good hour or a good moment. If you always have a good moment then you have a good hour and a good day and a good life. It's a fractal.

@MazE I thought about that, but imo I think 1 good day is a good balance between a little bit of comfort and a little bit of making progress.


@Phil Yea I see that, I think staying in the present and reaching out a little bit is better than trying to stretch out too far. 


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6 hours ago, Phil said:

Can anyone really have a good life? 

Where is ‘this life’ and the ‘other life’ such that a comparison is ever actually made?

What if you are being life, and therein a thought arises of me and life… and that is the suffering?

When I was a kid and I lost one of my pets my mom would always say "you gave them a good life" and I remember never feeling comforted and always thinking I really could have/should have done better, because in that moment I was really focused on lack . 😬 Then it seems like there's pressure to give your kids a good life, especially since it's assumed that you gave them life in the first place, (lol) let alone live a good life for yourowndamnedself. It's just generally a great relief to realize that there is no life that is just judgement clouded through negative emotion. 

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