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Senses are an appearance within consciousness

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I'm deep in thought these days, sorting some stuff out on a 'personal level'. It could be said that I'm identifying with thought, pretty hardcore. Still, here and there I take I step back, so to speak, and merge with the true nature. Just like now, as I am lying in my bed, about to fall asleep... Something so very simple yet profound became obvious.


All senses are an appearance within consciousness. 'The 5 human senses' are appearing within consciousness. And there really are no 5 senses. There's one, if any. It's all just consciousness. But for the sake of this post, let's say there are 5...filters, if you will. No matter what you hear, taste, touch, etc... Consciousness remains absolutely untouched and unaffected by any of it. Pure and undisturbed. Still and silent. Doing nothing. Simply being conscious of appearances within itself. You could be having the shittiest day of your life, or the best day of your life, consciousness is not affected by any of it. It's just conscious. In a sense, it could not care less about how your day went. It's just here, holding space for it all to appear. And that's pretty damn fascinating. To think about as well, but even more so to 'directly experience'.


No matter what you think, no matter what you feel, no matter what you do or experience... Consciousness is always one step ahead of it all, so to speak. Shedding light onto it all. Animating it, giving it life. 


Pretty damn cool. 

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Yea.. Funny, i've had the same realization while meditating recently. EVERYTHING is consciousness, like when you really notice every damn thing you can notice, shape, color, feeling, everything. With eyes closed it becomes easier to observe. Incredible. 


Also i heard this song a few days ago that did something to me;


"Did you realize
No one can see inside your view?
Did you realize
For why this sight belongs to you?"





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Yes. That's why it's said that 'everything is an illusion'. Because all appearances appear (to consciousness) as if they were something other than consciousness. Once this is seen through, there is no more illusion, really. Only Consciousness. Only beingness.


Very dope track, thanks for sharing!

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@ivankiss Very relatable! 💙


The next chapter in this spiritual inquiry, is to grasp that awareness is simultaneously the "space" and is appearing as everything. 


Thats whats happening for me at least. 


If you look at your hand, the sensation of the hand and the awareness of it are inseparable. 


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@Orb Not a what, really... It just comes with this feeling of terror, panic, fear... The silence, the complete absence of thought, is disturbing haha! Not always, but more often than not.


I would describe it as God seeing itself in the mirror for the very first time ever and freaking the fuck out 😄

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@ivankiss 🤔


Seems to me that the thoughts arising are slowing down or quieting down, and the existential fear might be last remnants of discordant thoughts. 


Maybe the existential fear thoughts sound louder or more intense because the room(mind) is empty. 


Does that make sense? 


I'm just speculating here. 


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On 8/9/2022 at 1:26 AM, almond said:

this conversation is with one person only?  if all thought ceased then wouldn't it be pointless to have a mind? questions.

Not with one person, really. The conversation is between consciousness and consciousness. And there is no conversation either, really. There is just consciousness.

On 8/9/2022 at 1:29 AM, almond said:

so there is no me really? what's the point then? what am I wondering.. 

Oneness does not negate individuality. It includes it. There is a 'you' and a 'me'. And it's all one. There is a line, a boundary, though it can be deconstructed. 'Psychologically', you are probably very different than me. Also, if I slap my face, you won't feel the pain. But absolutely speaking, it's all just one consciousness, dumbing itself down, playing with itself.


A big trap here to be aware of is solipsism. Solipsism is a psychological disorder. Not oneness. Not actuality.


My two cents.

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