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Lime Water is Awesome!

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Had lime water today as I heard it has many benefits. 


I was feeling a lot of fatigue these past few days and nothing helped, I used coffee/nicotine to cope. After having one glass of lime juice I felt energized and was able to function! My body also feels more relaxed.


Gonna test out and see if lime water helps with getting off caffeine/nicotine cold turkey.


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Awesome. Careful with cold turkey and spiraling / spider webbing. Just saying be aware, as not to spiral. Coping mechanisms & substances function by suppressing. So be prepared to express. Resistance really is futile. 🤍 Compassion, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness. ✊🏼 Typing the thoughts & just witnessing, vs analyzing, is very useful imo. 


I love, love, love any ‘just taking a step’. 


“…Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving… even if you have broken your vows a thousand times - come, come again!”



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Book’s coming along great, thanks.


By spiraling I mean an experience of not noticing thoughts are attracting thoughts… when focusing on a discordant thought. Thoughts which are primarily about ‘the separate self’ and a past or future, and lack, shortage, not enough, etc. It can happen quickly… instead of using the scale & expressing / recognizing the emotion experienced… such a thought is believed, and then one thought is attracted at a time, and bigger and bigger picture discordant thoughts are believed. Starts with a little aversion, resistance, maybe apathy… and quickly results in believing ‘my whole life is screwed’ / ‘I’m worthless’ / ‘I’m not loved’ / etc. 

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