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I find so many people hate their job or hate working.  I get this.  But for some reason I found a way to get out of this mentality a few years ago.  The conclusion that I came to is work could be fun.  You can actually enjoy your job, whatever it is.  If that isn't happening I think that's issue #1 to look at.  Work is literally just another movie that you're not really attached to.  There doesn't have to be so many intense pains and pleasures associated with work.  It's just an activity.  This mentality of hating your job I think is like a poison pill and of course you're gonna create that if you have those kinds of expectations.  You have to come with a mindset that this work I'm doing could be fun.  Create fun.  Even if your job is as mundane like stapling papers together.  The question is how could I make this fun?  You create a little game out of it.  Or not!  Once you get into a flow the problem kind of takes itself out to the trash.  The hardest part is getting started.  One thing I do is pretend like I'm teaching someone how to do my job, and that seems to help me get started.  Imagine you're training someone to do the task you want to get motivated to do.  Teaching is fun for me so this has worked; it's adds a layer of fun to the project.  Notice I say "could be fun" not "can be fun".  That's a subtle thing.  How could this project be fun?  How might this project be fun?  

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I'm really struggling with this right now. Started a new job 1 month ago. After 1 year off work (got made redundant). It's hard readjusting. And not fall into negative thought loops. I understand this job is not my main passion in life, but I still need to make money and contribute in some way. Until I work on things in my spare time that will get my to a career that is more aligned to my purpose, this job will have to do. The job itself is in the role that I would enjoy the most out of all corporate roles so there's that.


So I'm trying to tell myself the job is part of the process and see all the positives in how it it will help me to get the place I want to get. But still hard. Or maybe the porn addiciton has also screwed my brain and concentration habits it. 🤣

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With respect to the “thought loop”… there’s the “me” of time, the ‘story’, and passion as ‘my passions’. This is my passion - this is not my passion, implies division where there is none, making yourself, consciousness, seem like a sep self, to which there is “that” (which is not my passion, my purpose), thus creating an experience of “mundane”, or “ordinary”, and perpetuating seeking completeness, wholeness, or, happiness & fulfillment. 


Whereas you, awareness, are present, and may or may not presently be experiencing the emotion passion, which is indicative of your true unconditional nature, given that you are present-only & presently creating by being, or, appearing. Thus there even is what’s referred to as passion, which like any emotion is felt, and is not actually a thing, a possession of a (separate) self.  

(No loop). 


Typos are non-coincidental, and the phrasing of “get my to a career” is insightful, in that it’s impossible to ‘get my’ - anywhere. It’s like trying to bend the spoon. My purpose, my passion, and not surprisingly - “I’m really struggling”. The struggle is in the framing, the ‘on behalf of a separate self’ interpretations. The “porn addiction” is the counter balance, the attempt to feel better in regard to the discordant limiting thoughts / beliefs. It’s not addiction per se, it’s seeking based on believed conjecture; as in heard, and yet not at all true, rightfully feels quite discordant, but nonetheless is believed. 


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