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I'd like to learn more about what Jesus really did, who he was, what he shared.


Is there any good books that talk about Jesus and christianity from a nondual standpoint?


Is there any info about Jesus before he started sharing his wisdom? I mean how did he learn all the stuff, did he have a guru?


Is there any records of his life along with the usual Bible? I know Gospel of Thomas, but is there others?


Do you have anything interesting to share about this subject? I feel a bit peculiar about Jesus. I really know nothing about him but I still feel this immense energy from him. I don't know, I kinda want to 'follow' him. Anyone else feeling this?


There must be an effortless way.

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EXACTLY my thoughts lately ! please share everything related to Jesus. The more i suffer, the more i realize, that LOVE is the only way, and the only answer, and Jesus was master of it 🙂

Buddha too, he said that enlightenment doesn't mean much, if it doesn't go with empathy and love towards others/ helping them with their realization. 🙂 *

Osho - book of empathy. 

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Books by Jack Miles are superb and should be on your reading list by god, with his books: God: A Biography, which won a Pulitzer Prize and Christ: The Life of God in Crisis, which was a New York Times Notable Book. Both books by Miles I loved and it's a pleasure to be able to recommend them and let people know about them. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote Living Buddha, Living Christ. 


Thomas Merton has some good books. Checkout Merton's The Wisdom of the Desert and his Course in Desert Spirituality. Bart Ehrman and Karen Armstrong are good authors and have written on many topics. Choose a book of theirs that interests you. I like Ehrman’s Jesus, Interrupted. John Shelby Spong is an innovative and radical Christian thinker. 


The middle ages book The Cloud of Unknowing is interesting. It's thin but profound. Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism is a challenging esoteric Christian book.


If you called the Christian Mystics like Meister Eckhart, Julian of Norwich, and the Desert Fathers some other name besides Christian, it might be all good, even for those turned off by mainstream Christianity. Meister Eckhart can sound very close to Zen in fact. 


See the documentary, Ai-Un (on Amazon Prime), about the Jesuit Father Hugo Lassalle who was a pioneer in bridging Christianity and Zen. Father Lassalle was a big influence in Bodhizendo's Father Ama Samy's path. Father Samy has written very fine books. Try Zen: The Wayless Way and Zen: Awakening to your Original Face. Sometimes Westerners ask how or if Buddhism is compatible with Christianity and they ponder it and maybe they write a blog post on it. As if they are discovering the issues for the first time. That's cute. Father Ama Samy has been dealing with these questions and issues for decades. He literally lives it being a Zen master and a Jesuit Priest. He has written extensively on it. You can see for yourself in his books.

“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” ― The Buddha

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