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POV change during meditation


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I've been experiencing something strange during meditation for the past few weeks. 
When I sit to meditate, a few minutes in as I settle in and the following happens:
I feel like my usual POV (from my eyes so to speak and above my body) starts to shift or to move. It doesn't feel static anymore and it kind of start to float around, to move. It even makes me a bit dizzy with my eyes closed and a bit difficult to focus as well. 
Has anyone experienced something similar?

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Speak more about the dizziness, how severe is it ? 


How do you feel about the shift? What are you doing when you meditate? 


What you might do, if you'd like to experiment or if this shift in POV is disturbing is try a modified bodyscan meditation.


Meditate on your mouth, try a half Buddha smile. What does this feel like. 

Hands. Feel energy. Feel compassion. Hands to help others. 

Heart chakra. Feel metta and love. 

Shoulders. Relax. Equanimity. 

Forehead - Third Eye. Make your mind like the sky. 


You can modify this, add to it as you like. 



“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” ― The Buddha

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@Aware Wolf I would not say it is severe, however it is uncomfortable. Enough to make it hard to focus.
I'd say I have mixed feelings when this happens. On one hand it is interesting, as I feel like I'm letting go or detaching from a "hook" so to speak, but on the other hand it is uncomfortable. 
When I meditate I initially perform a whole body scan, followed by focus on the breath and "inner body" so to speak. I aim to sort of feel my whole body while meditating if that makes sense. 
Thanks for the suggestions, I'd give one of those a try. I'm not necessarily looking for a change, I simply find it a strange phenomenon that is new to me and wonder if there might be a reason behind it or if someone has experienced something similar :) 

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