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Pointer to Consciousness (& Solipsism)

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This morning, I had a conversation with Forza about Solipsism, and I've been thinking abour writing a few pages about certain topics, consciousness and solipsism being two of them. I thought I might share  a page with you guys, gals and everyone in between, maybe you can derive some value from it. 

There are more pages coming, regarding different topics, so if you like this sort of thing, stick around🙂




I added afterwards: 



Also, be careful with things like "I am emptiness/void". This can very easily be misunderstood, because the belief that we are inside our head is extremely strong, and so what can happen is that when you start to think that you are emptiness, you might turn emptiness into your ego (if that makes sense). Some people can develop depersonalization and they feel like there is "nothing" in side their head, i.e. that they are simply not there. This is of course not what is meant by saying that you are emptiness, but I just wanted to let you know, since this is a rather common misunderstanding.


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Reality/Consciousness is like a giant mirror. Unlike a normal silver-glass mirror, this mirror has neither a shape, nor a location, nor a color, nor a surface, nor any other physical, or even non-physical properties.

All reflection inside a mirror which has for example a red glass staining, will also be reflected red. There won’t be any blue or green reflections, because the mirror itself is red. What this shows us, is that the reflections in a mirror entirely depend on the mirror itself; when the mirror is red, the reflections are red. When the mirror is curved, the reflections are curved, when the mirror is broken/fragmented, the reflections will appear in fragments.

The reflections are the mirror, but the mirror is not the reflections. The reflections aren’t only contained by the mirror, they are the mirror, appearing as the reflections. Without the mirror, there would be no reflections, no appearances.

Thus, the nature of the reflections is 100% identical with the nature of the mirror.

Only a mirror that has no color can contain all colors. Meister Eckhart, the 13th century German mystic said: “It is because my eye has no color, that I can see all colors.”

The only thing therefore which can contain every-thing, is no-thing.

The mirror which contains reality is: nothing. Nothingness, emptiness, void, etc.

This is consciousness.

Consciousness is an in-finite, i.e. boundless mirror, with no properties whatsoever.

Unlike a normal mirror, consciousness doesn’t require any external source of illumination. Because “it” is infinite, there is nothing external to consciousness, and in turn, nothing internal.

Consciousness is its own source of illumination. “Illumination”, in this case, doesn’t literally mean “light”, but rather, its capacity to “generate” reflections within itself simply by appearing to be finite, as the universe.

All appearances are consciousness, but consciousness is not an appearance. Nothing in the universe “is conscious”, as if consciousness could be like a secondary property that things or beings can “have” or develop.

The question “are beings conscious?” is like looking at one’s own reflection in the mirror and believing that the reflection of oneself is the source of the mirror. The reflected image is the mirror, yes, but the mirror is more (and simultaneously less) than just the reflection. The mirror is independent of all appearances, and no appearance can either be “conscious” or “unconscious”. Whichever reflections appear, they are all the mirror and nothing but the mirror.

The question of Solipsism (“are other beings conscious or not?”) is based on 2 assumptions. First, the assumption that there are “other beings”, i.e. separate selves, which exist independently and next to one’s own separate self, and second, the assumption that these separate selves can “be conscious” (or unconscious).

Once the realization occurs, that there is in fact nothing but consciousness, both assumptions reveal themselves to be false, and with them, the issue of solipsism as meaningless.

One’s own body & mind, as well as the appearances of other humans, animals, plants, etc. reveal themselves to be consciousness reflecting itself.

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