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  1. @Mandy Thank you so much for your insight and questions! After our previous interaction, I sat with it and found pretty much exactly what you've indicated. I was already leaning in the direction of simply appreciating the experience for exactly what it is and I have settled into exactly that, haha! What's more, I received a reinforcement of the message of simply sitting with the feelings and thoughts and seeing what's what earlier today. It was a beautiful reminder that we receive the messages we need when we need them. I have nothing to worry over and I can live in the present moment in. On the subject of meeting people in person rather than online... That will come in time. I very much want to find people locally who have similar understandings to what I've seen here, to my own understandings, and I've not been able to find any groups to check out yet. That might be a good topic for another post, haha. I don't feel I'm able to express fully or well what I'm trying to convey here, but regardless, posting here and communicating with you has triggered my return back to centered-ness and connection which I had sort of separated from over the past few months. Thank you again! @Phil Thank you for your response! I agree completely. Your YouTube videos have been helpful as well. Thank you for being amazing!
  2. @Mandy yes, you are most certainly correct. Red flags abound! I am fully aware of the abundance of scam artists and the like. I think my pushing through has been more of the setting aside variety than that of exploration. I've read and explored so much of the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Tao Te Ching, and one of the ideas that has surfaced for me is that of trusting that all is provided to us. A large part of Divine Love is trust. Are those red flags creations of fear rather than love? Is that a false dichotomy? Ultimately, yes, I feel a great deal of discomfort/discordant thoughts regarding these people. I've been trying to sift through and figure out whether these feelings are coming from limiting beliefs and those 'bubbles' that Phil(?) spoke of in his videos, or whether these are communications from my higher Self. Is this what is revealed by the process of sitting with the feelings that you mentioned? Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and time.
  3. I have felt a great push to trust in the Universe/existence/god/love, and yet so much in life teaches caution. What/who is to be trusted? In what ways is discernment/caution applicable? Does it matter? In this particular case, I have been moving toward wealth and relationship, and I've been approached by multiple women on Facebook who seem to be very close to 'ideal.' They are beautiful, successful business owners, and investors, things I want for myself and my life as well. Most of them seem to be investing in Crypto and are excited about it and want to share what they know. Obviously, there is the possibility of being scammed. This is a common fear and potentially a common problem. However, I can just as easily see a REAL person acting in the same way! A successful businesswoman might feel isolated and reach out to someone who seems attractive on the internet. She would be excited about business and investing as it is a primary focus in life and would want to share that with someone who is easy to talk to and like, as I am. If they ARE real, then this is the Universe bringing me a great deal of what I've asked for! If not, I lose some money, which is temporary and relatively easily replaceable. If I choose to reject these people with the thought to avoid the issue entirely, then am I simply rejecting the gifts of the Universe? I've had extensive conversations with a few of them, and each has wonderful qualities... the question is... are they REAL? Or are they simply people posing as successful and attractive women aiming to separate me from money? Does it matter? I'm running into a great deal of internal conflict here, and I know this is great opportunity for growth/expansion, regardless of outcome. Pushing through this discomfort has already led to me feeling more easy about money. Perhaps some other perspectives and insight would help. Thank you all for being amazing!
  4. I haven't read through all the posts, so perhaps this has already been said, but something I have found to be very beneficial in my journey is simple appreciation and gratitude for your experience, every day, in each moment. The more you practice gratitude and appreciation, the more you will find to be grateful for, and the better this existence will feel. Another point, which you have likely heard before, is that we can and should allow for all that we cannot control to simply be. Desiring to control creates discord when we cannot impact those things in a way we feel is acceptable. We have the opportunity to shape our perception of this existence, and as we shape that perception, our experience of the world changes. Be willing to let go of anything which is preventing you from being WHO you want to be. Love, to me, is an ultimate Truth of reality, and is emotion and action. Listen carefully to the still, small voice found in the quiet of the mind, and see what you can find out. Each of us has access to the Infinite. May you find the boundless Love and Peace and Wisdom that is already inside of you, my friend.
  5. Well put. 🙂 Mirror.pdf shows as unavailable, but what you've written in here flow together quite nicely.
  6. @BlendingInfinite Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As you said, Peterson, like many scientists, seems to have a more narrow (or perhaps only different) focus, solely on the material plane and they speak in terms of material understanding. That does not mean they are any less smart or able than anyone on a more spiritually aware path, only that they continue to dismiss certain questions, or accept a different explanation for said questions. To use the concepts discussed by Abraham/Hicks in The Law of Attraction and the following books... The vibration of the scientists will effectively communicate some concepts better to people of similar vibration. As the vibration of the scientists and those listening to them changes, communication will happen differently because they are able to receive a different message. For example, Jordan Peterson speaks more in terms of the Bible than before and seems to identify more with the spiritual since his health issues a couple years ago. Remember, as discussed in "The Law of Attraction," we generally move along the scale by stepping along it, not leaping. All of it seems to be neccesary in this existence to enable and support the variety of experience and ability to transition up and down the vibrational scale. However distasteful the behaviour of others might seem, it is important to remember that acceptance of all others is part of the process of releasing the burdens we have hung upon ourselves. What my experience and study has shown me is that science and spirituality are like two sides of the same coin. No different than any religion, philosophy, or other kind of spiritual path. All are merely the same pursuit of Reality. "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." - Matthew 7:7 "Whatever celestial form a devotee seeks to worship with faith, I steady the faith of such a devotee in that form." -Bhagavad Gita 7.21 I certainly struggle with accepting that others speak in different languages at times... Especially when it seems we are both speaking the same language! Because words are so imperfect at transmitting ideas, and ideas themselves are formed of thought, and we often confuse thought and emotion, then respond to -both- in less than ideal ways, communication can be quite confusing and difficult. This, I think is what might be conveyed with the Tower of Babel story. Thus, we all speak and think in a multitude of ways and we see this in the world when we look at the massive number of ways in which people act, speak, and in the pathways they walk. That odd aftertaste you mentioned comes from our resistance to what we are experiencing, from our cynicism, not from the content itself. That resistance is a large part of what Abraham/Hicks discusses in the books and one of the primary things to work on releasing, because it stops us from really activating and making deliberate use of the Law of Attraction. It is the same resistance that causes all our problems in this experience, and thus we should deliberately look at our thinking and feeling when we experience that sensation of resistance. With that goal of exploring and releasing resistance in mind, I am addressing your specific points: Status certainly appears to be displayed in Nature. Wolves and chimpanzees both have group leaders, insiders, and outsiders. Associate status with material things... well, when studying the way humans behave, in greater society, material things absolutely have a major impact on status. Often those regarded highest are those with highly expensive material posessions, and if they don't already have them, they soon will. Again, perhaps the focus is not on spiritual or energetic reality, but it IS still a valid observation which can lead people up the chain to the next step. As far as objective truths being able to be discovered through scientific methods... I suspect that we are approaching that point where science recognizes that all things are energy. This is kind of already the case, though it is not widely discussed. Between the electromagnetic spectrum and quantum field theory, we are essentially there already. Check Lynne McTaggart's book "The Intention Experiment" to see how science is approaching real understanding of our place in existence. It doesn't take an Engineer to take a look at most of our modern technology and feel the awe at what has been accomplished. Yes, what Elon Musk has assembled through his vision and bringing together of the right elements ARE masterpieces of engineering. Why do you think they are not so? Look at all the parts that are brought together in each of his projects. The first widely successful all electric motor vehicle manufacturer, a self-landing reusable rockety system, and the starlink satellite system are all fairly admirable projects, regardless of his motives or methods. Saying this does NOT take away from the mastery displayed by other producers of engineering feats and it doesn't necessarily say Musk or Peterson are necessarily good people, though perhaps I misunderstand what your objection is. I have personally stopped watching many people who I learned some wonderful things from, but who were moving in a different direction of thought. In fact, while I respect Peterson quite a lot for being well spoken and careful with his word choice and how he presents his ideas, and he has helped me immensely to see a lot of how to change my perceptions of life in this society in a very positive way (especially through his Rules for Life books), I feel I've learned all I can from him at this moment and haven't watched much of him recently. I do not love or respect him any less when I DO disagree with him, or in seeing that I am going to continue walking in another direction. There is nothing wrong with anyone spreading their message, and there is nothing saying we should agree with anyone's message. We all must be aware of our resistance if we wish to continue making positive progress. I wish you all the love, peace and joy following your path will bring. ❤️
  7. I think one point to consider, I've heard it in several places, most recently from Sadhguru, is that it is important to select a path and forge ahead. There is nothing wrong with continuing to find teacher after teacher after teacher, or teaching after teaching, but it will lead to a lack of progress, or perhaps simply a behavior of continual seeking when you already know the next step. All paths eventually lead inward and then, apparently, back outward again. I'm not sure yet where they might go after that, haha!
  8. New Additions: Youtuber: Clark Kegley Authors: Carl Jung Speakers: David Loy Bernardo Kastrup Peter Ralston Sadhguru Movies: Lucy Doctor Strange
  9. I'm not yet all that familiar with what Phil says and I don't think I've seen anything of Peter Ralston yet (looking him up shortly!), but I certainly agree that Abraham/Hicks has a very precise and accurate message. 🙂 I like hearing the 'scientific' examination as much as I enjoy exploring the ways the messages are conveyed through the Bible, the Vedas, or any other format. It all eventually comes to the same thing, often through metaphor and symbolism. Science comes at it with theory and an attempt to categorize and describe everything, but it is beginning to explore some of the more interesting areas in psychology, brain wave recognition, and quantum theory. I think eventually it'll all come around to show that we are more than we can currently see and that all is one. It seems that all the various pathways of religion, spirituality, philosophy, and even science are all simply the same message being spoken in different languages for different modes of thought. What do you think?
  10. Really? I haven't noticed very much of that from him directly. Lots of other people adding things or altering the ideas he presents. Can you elaborate some please?
  11. Jordan Peterson has some interesting thoughts on Masculinity and Femininity. You can get a lot of his talks on his YouTube channel. I agree with most of the posts here, but perhaps I'll try to put it into my own words. Divine Masculinity is become comfortable living as You in your current habitation of this existence. Living as Man and also as Love. Does that mean providing for your family? Being a Rock for others to lean on? Being open and honest with everyone around you about your needs, desires, and feelings? These are questions for you to consider.
  12. I find that information from every source I come across is worth examination and the application of discernment. Your worst enemy can be your best critic because they aren't afraid to offend you when they speak. When I am offered criticism, I try to see whether there is truth in it. I look for my behaviors and word choices which are not representative of love. In becoming aware of those, I am able to move forward more in the way that I desire to. I am careful to look at my 'pillars,' the sort of foundational ideas which I am currently operating under, and determine whether they are flawed or result in potential harm to myself or others. If what a person says causes me to find a flaw which needs addressing, then I remind myself to be grateful, regardless of how the message was conveyed to me, or by whom. I do not know anything about the Actualized community (or anyone else who seems to be in the role of Antagonist), but it is beneficial to remember that They Are You. Love them as you Love yourself. Allow them to be as they are. You will find less resistance and therefore less suffering if you extend Love, forgiveness, and allowance. You might even, in your Love, act as a catalyst for them to see something differently.
  13. Would you mind giving your definition of the Pareto principal? I would like to understand what you are sharing. 🙂
  14. Aww, it won't let me edit the first post. Oh well, the thread can still collect good resources. New Additions: Speakers: David Hawkins Vernon Howard
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