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A tip for the emotional scale

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It took me a loooooong time to actually start utilizing the scale, so I wanna offer some advice so that you might not have to waste so much time.


I took it way too seriously, and carried much of the baggage the scale is meant to help lay down.


If you're having the same trouble I had, here's how simple it can be:


Start from where you're at.


Then write simply "I am experiencing the emotion [x]."


Then the next emotion. Reach for EVEN ONE THOUGHT that feels like that emotion. One thought. You might experience or recognize the emotion for a fraction of a second. That's enough.


Then write "I am experiencing the emotion [x]." You don't need to write anything else.


And then the next emotion, and go all the way to joy/love/peace/appreciation.


After 5 seconds you might be back (or even further) from where you began. That's okay. It's not fireworks at first. This is a very simple way to do it. When you do it repeatedly during the day, little insights and acknowledgements and recognitions begin to arise. A bit like learning to throw a ball. The first throws suck and feels awkward. Keep throwing it over and over and new nerve pathways start to grow. You'll start to recognize what kind of thoughts feel like which emotions.


I had been doing this for a week maybe, until I realized that I was actually experiencing the emotion joy. It was kind of weird, because my inner emotional landscape had been basically what they call "depression" for such a long time that emotions like joy or appreciation or passion sounded like a wishful daydream. But suddenly I was actually experiencing thoughts that felt like joy. I was like "Huh, it's actually possible to experience the actual emotion joy! It's a real thing!"


Daily meditation is also very key here. In fact, meditation is #1, the scale is #2.


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There must be an effortless way.

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