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How should you feel conscious when you feel disrespected?

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(Pleasantly simple and functional; modest.)

Focus wise, keep the emphasis on unpretentiousness, and not on an idea of who or what you are nor what might be being defended. 


Don’t ‘step in the same hole’.

What is ‘the hole’?

The discord of the interpretation. 


Putting how you feel first / not stepping in the same hole…

What is a slightly less presumptive, less pretentious, less ego aggrandizing… and slightly more aligned & resonating interpretation?

One which is of presence, honesty, sincerity, integrity, self-respect, self-kindness from which empathy & compassion naturally emerge.

(Focus on how these words / aspects feel, and not on an idea of who or what you are based on a past.)


Pain: If someone punched you in the face, sensation wise, indeed it is the fist to the face which is felt. The preservation of the health & well-being of the body is a sign of intelligence. 


Suffering: When someone offers you a gift which you refuse, to whom does the gift belong? Stepping in the same hole, proceeding in spite of discord is a sign of ignore-ance. 


Contemplate if there is feeling and consciousness, and if it’s in fact possible to ‘feel conscious’, in light of the fact the discord is already felt. 

Perhaps it is only in overlooking what is self-evident that it seems something is needed. 

Question what is self-evident and what is interpretational or conceptual and choose your streets accordingly. 


Relish in the synchronicity & self-discovery; happy Groundhog’s Day. 

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On 2/2/2024 at 2:09 PM, Reena said:

If you feel disrespected by someone, how would try to feel conscious in that situation? 


You should realize that there is all thoughts and none of it tek. Just your imagination, including that person. It is real an illusion. 

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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