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Judgmental people really annoy me


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I really get annoyed by judgmental people, who think they have the answers to everything and authority and credibility to judge others. People who think of themselves as “good people” and unable to admit their mistakes. People who are overly confident and look down on others. People who don’t doubt themselves.

I would like to get some practical advice (e.g., go punch a judgmental person in the face) and some insights onto why it annoys me so much. 

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That there are judgmental people is felt as self-judgement due to reality. 

You’ve never actually experienced a mistake, confidence, or doubting your self. 

You have experienced (so to speak) these thoughts apparently, but not the context, content, or what the thoughts ‘claim’ to be true. 


The most practical advice imo is the contemplation of what “it” is & acknowledge the emotion felt, as not to spiritually bypass. 

Or the me. 

Either will do. 

(“It annoys me so much”). 





“Jealousy; turning saints into the sea.
Swimming through sick lullabies, choking on your alibis.
But it's just the price I pay, destiny is calling me.
Open up my eager eyes, cause I'm Mr. Brightside.”
— The Killers



While it could seem that reaching for a thought to express jealousy is unrelated, or even counter intuitive, this is a good place to remember the ‘big power’ in using the scale is actually found in the small moves from expressing one emotion to the next. It’s about that little bit of feeling better, and better, and better. Tuning & calibrating a little bit at a time. It adds up - momentum.


We all experience periods in life where we’re not on the upbeat and we see other people inspired, feeling great, moving & shaking and creating their lives.


There is a dream within every one and you are no exception. Seeing others moving forward can bring about the often misunderstood emotion of jealousy, the wishing we ‘had that’, or were creating or experiencing what someone else is. To express this, is to move up the scale - to feel better - to begin to consciously create.




The Killers! 

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@Phil 😂


1 hour ago, Phil said:

We all experience periods in life where we’re not on the upbeat and we see other people inspired, feeling great, moving & shaking and creating their lives.

What if we've found balance in life overall, have good fitness, health, family time, but in work or business, someone is crushing it and we are jealous but we also don't want to sacrifice the balance? Is that a false assumption, that there's conflict there/either or, doubt that everything can't be synergistic? 



 Youtube Channel  

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