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I also bought a task counter. And I will be giving myself reward points on stuff achieved. 

The tally counter will show the number of tasks I did. 



Today is January 14

Total tasks completed - 15 


Tomorrow is Jan 15.





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Tasks to be done today 


Farm work - collect eggs and keep eggs in baskets. 

Arrange items in warehouse. 

Arrange Laundry for guest workers. 

Process orders

Clean equipment 



I don't know if I can finish all that. Some days are good and I can get more work done. Others day I slack off really bad. 



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I feel a bit powerful right now and I should reward myself. I felt horribly anxious to go to some part of the farm where there are people because of my social anxiety. But I mustered the courage to go there and face the situation. I had to put potatoes in a basket. I used to often tremble (hands shaking, trembling) before when I saw someone watching me, this time I felt less nervous. 


One reward for doing something uncomfortable. 


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