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Poetry Thread


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Come on in write or share some poems!


Intangled Intellect:


A knot made without any thread,

Tied around one own head,

A crown of lies pulls your eyes, 

Down towards the bed. 


The sun is shining on the day, 

Yet here I sit, obsessed with clay, 

Mentally molded in any way, 

"I'm sure I'll be Done in May"!


If I had a say, I wouldn't, 

Just sit and realized what couldn't, 

Until I snug, up to that big Hug, 



As sand slips threw my hands, 

Yet holds you up as you walk the lands. 

Edited by Loop

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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If I could be there when you miss your mark,

If I could be there when they break your heart,                                       

In deed I would be, only to confess;

You are my joy, you are my ever-loving best.


I would be the one, through heart & soul,

If I didn’t be the dream, there’d be no dream at all.

So meet me in the middle - and you will see,

That this whole world be’s here - just for you and me.


But why is the way, sometimes so hard?

You are the word, my ever lasting spark!

And who can say - who’s all alone?

You are the ride, I am the endless journey home.


Upon the wave, and under toes!

Where we’re headed, no one knows.

But where we go - we go in love!

And no one cares; and no one can get enough.


Our tears will fall,

but our hearts won’t budge.

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@Phil @ivankiss




Wonderful poems,

Wonder roams,

On towards the Light.


Breath in the Zone, 

Breath out a moan,

No need for flight or fight.


Right down to Earth,

Gravity brings a sigh, 

Left up to Sky, 

Rain falls as it's cry.


Straight into the Unknown, 

Back holding up Home.


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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"Who says my poems are poems?

My poems are not poems,

After you know my poems are not poems, 

Then we can begin to discuss poetry!"


"The thief left it behind-

the moon

At the window."


"If you speak delusions, everything becomes a delusion; 

If you speak truth, everything becomes the truth,

Outside the truth there is no delusion, 

But outside delusion there is no special truth. 

Followers of Buddha's Way!

Why do you so earnestly seek the truth in distant places?

Look for delusion and truth in the bottom of your own hearts"


"In the stillness by the empty window,

I sit in formal meditation wearing my monk's surplice,

Navel and nose in alignment,

Ears parallel with shoulders,

Moonlight floods the room;

The rain stops but the waves drip and drip,

Perfect this morning-

In the vast emptiness, my understanding deepens."


"Keep your hearts clear and transparent,

And you will never be bound,

A single disturbed thought, though,

Creates ten thousand distractions,

Let myriad of things captivate you,

And you'll go further and further astray,

How painful to see people, 

All wrapped up in themselves."


"The ancient buddhas taught the Dharma,

Not for it's own sake but to assist us,

If we really knew ourselves,

We would not have to rely on old teachers,

The wise go right to the core,

And leap beyond appearances;

The foolish cleave to details,

And get ensnared by words and letters. 

Such people envy the accomplishments of others, 

And work feverishly to attain the same things.

Cling to truth and it becomes falsehood;

Understand falsehood and it becomes truth.

Truth and falsehood are two sides of a coin:

Neither accept nor reject either one.

Don't waste your precious time fruitlessly 

Trying to gauge the depth of life's ups and downs."


"My legacy-

What will it be?

Flowers in spring,

The cuckoo in summer,

And the crimson maples

Of autumn..."


- Ryokan

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Take your Seat,

Not a weep,


I hear the peep,

Of the birds that have already past,

Oh wow that was a blast. 


Now I wonder where they might be,

When I looked down to see, 

There was only the tree. 


Me me me, 

Oh dear,

Not a he,

Just the tree. 


Rambles sent me into a shamble, 

"Quick grab the handle!",

We are on the Ride, 

Now take your Seat,

What a treat!

To always See, 

To always Be. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Wall of Dreams:


Steam engines go in one's head,

Seems I want all that was said, 

If only it could been seen, 

All I read, 

Was a dream.


It only takes one single stroke, 

Wrote it down then it awoke, 

This life couldn't get any better, 

"Well maybe if I had a sweater!".


Warmed by the fire, 

Of the creative wire,

No storm, could stop my born,

Birthed every moment,

Laid to rest, by every test, 

Still Nothing, and Movement,

No one, therefore Attunement. 


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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What are you looking for?


What’s in store?

Washed up from the shore,

Looking for a certain way,

But is it true? 
Frozen I stay,

Never to sway,
Can I find something new?

It’s just This! 
No more mist! 
Looking for fog,

It appears, 

Looking for light,

When being blinded,

My It is bright. 

Right in front,

No behind,
Looking for a mind,
You might just find,

Unearthed the earth.

Migraines wane, 

In this lane,

No more counting grain,

Intention sprouts,

The planet shouts,

Sun shines down, 
Heart beats forward.


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Hm, English is not good for poetry, but I try.


In days of yore, an adult not yet mature who had the right of an orderly education, so oderly that it left him mistaking his status and mind for pure experience he did not find. 


And then it came as it must, 

Through all peace pierces unease,

And difficult times came to an increase,

A peasants roar for more,

Old traditions would not appease,

That much was sure.


In his own abilities he held no trust,

While the old standards where strong, he judged and condemed the common folk, but not for long.

Spewing his verses though only in closed circles, to keep fate's leash on him short while being amidst welcomed, assured.


It hit the upheaval's thrust,

So he hid to avoid all this struggle,

Then he emerged and found amongst the crowd, no former acquaintance alive for his words to get him in trouble.


Amongst all the debri he shook hands with whom he never thought of to be as an enemy, but merely an inconvenice to his self-imagery. 

Edited by Eothasian

Animals are good people

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Places to be,

Sailing on the sea,

There is breath to be had,

From any peak go mad,

But don’t be mistaken,

The shaken you be maken,

Is not you breaken.

Your resolve dissolves,

Into Light, 

Truely to expirence It’s might.


Not at all,

Did you ever fall,

Endless space,

Into place,

This grace. 


A happy face 🙂


Long since this mirror, 

Held up clearer,

Hand in hand,

We all stand,

No need to make your brand. 


One look,

Is all it took,

Bury that book in the sand.

Endless stories, 


Enjoy what is.

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Into the forest,

Into the fog,

Watch out,

Don’t trip on that log! 

Find the other shore,

Not what I want anymore,

Passed straight through,

All is a new,

To be bold, 

Old is just mind mold. 

What I was told,

And who I was, 

What is it,

A bunch of tree fuzz. 

In deed I venture,

In a loop this adventure,

What did I find? 
Clear air, 

And… well…

Never mind.


A smiles grace,

Falling into Place. 

A fisherman’s boat goes into the clouds,

The wishes he fishes will never drown. 


Edited by Loop

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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A fool stumbles,

His heart rumbles, 


Farther then eyes can see.


Catching butterflies with his Net,

Chasing 10 000 tails, 

Don’t fret, 

Put down the sail. 

Ventured far just to find,

you can be happy, 

even if it doesn’t rhyme, 

That is just the beauty of time. 

With one clicks to two, 

Comes an emerging zoo, 

But you could just be You. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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