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Busting Loose From The Money Game

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I want to recommend this book, as it was very helpful, life-changing even to me.




It's not really about just money, but also the "Human Game" in general.


It offers a really good "map" to make better sense of things, and really opened my mind to new perspectives. There's also a type of practice it calls "The Process", which has been extremely useful for me in turning thoughts around from discord to alignment. It's the #1 thing I go to now when experiencing discord, and it has been great.


Ever since I read it, I just knew that life wouldn't be the same anymore. This is one of the best books on spirituality and/or LoA I've come across so far. If not the best.


Give it a read!!



There must be an effortless way.

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33 minutes ago, Phil said:

Curious if it’s similar to change in vibration from fear to empowerment


In direct emotional "terms", yeah.


The Process is like "reminding" / "practicing" a new paradigm, from the dreamed character (materialism) to the dreamer over and over. Like noticing whenever a thought is believed and returning to source.


36 minutes ago, Phil said:

how the human game fits in


The Money Game is part of The Human Game. There's also Relationship Game, Health Game etc.


The Game is basically that one "regains power" bit by bit from limiting illusions / beliefs.


Like for example, money is almost in every way really a limit on infinite abundance. In infinity there is no boundaries, numbers, movement from here to there. Money seemingly always has to come in some way, in some limited number, and moves from an owner to another. Even a lottery win has a bunch of limits on it.


So busting loose from the Money Game is seeing the limits as illusions and opening up to the infinite abundance.


I'd go even as far as to regard the body, space and time as limiting illusions.


Very Truman Show / Matrix kind of vibe.



There must be an effortless way.

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