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A Reiki Orb

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So I've been experimenting a bit with this idea that you could create a "non-physical technology", and I feel like sharing it.


Basically, I've made this "ball" of Reiki with intention + visualization + Reiki and placed it within the "internal space" about one feet above/front of my forehead, so that it's basically always following me around and eminating with the Reiki + intentions I've installed into it.


It's been pretty fun to visualize and install stuff within it. I encourage you to try it.


Do it however you feel like doing it, but I'll share how I do it as an example.


I just activate the flow of reiki and place my hands in front of me as if holding a soccer ball or something in my hands. (If you haven't had Reiki courses, you can probably try this nonetheless.)


Then I feel / visualize the tiniest point, even infinitely small point of "space" where I place the Reiki between my hands. It's not really a ball, it's an infinetely small speck, like a hole into the quantum realm. I visualize about a marble-sized light orb emanating from it, in white-golden light, and non-physical waves emanating from it to all directions.


I place whatever intention feels good, it can be just healing for example, or lightheartedness, or maybe a desire or the content of your dreamboard. I keep focusing on the visualization and feeling the energy/information emanating from the orb of light.


When the "installment" is done, I place the Reiki orb into a whatever spot I like within the internal space / aura. Might be a few feet in front of you, or above the head, or whatever you like.


The I close the Reiki flow and that's it.


You can bring the orb back in mind whenever you like and maybe even send it for someone in the room or let it saturate the entire building with it's light if you like to. It's there to follow you around like a little Reiki pet. 😁



There must be an effortless way.

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