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Triggered by people


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57 minutes ago, Alexander said:

What to do when you can't?

Like what? A parent, teacher, boss, customer; if it feels too much you can always just walk away, but if it's bearable, take some conscious breaths and consider the reason behind their behavior, know that it's because they've suffered something and it has nothing to do with you.






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Sorry for gloom and doom. I am disturbed by the prevalence of hate speech and narcissism on the actualized.org forum, ostensibly accentuating. I am dumbfounded that individuals boast or denigrate based on placeholder monkey avatars devoid of abstract significance. But more importantly, I feel overwhelmed by the systemic lack of empathy in this realm, and this is troubling my experiences with dreams, psychedelics and meditation. I wanna see evidence that consciousness is love.

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@Alexander i just try to remember that they are suffering too and that it has nothing to do with me. When i react on it i always regret it.

I had 2 crazy mothers. I'm like a master on not getting triggered but i do react sometimes too. 

You know the feeling of wanting to punch somebody because he or she asks for it? (I don't punch people)

There is a skill of letting this feeling go.

I'm not saying that it's easy but it's always an option and a skill that can be developed.

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@Blessed2 If you are kind and forgiving to narcissists, they will exploit and abuse you until death. I understand ego death depends on a perspective, but if you are willing to sustain a presence within duality, or at least this realm, then survival bias may be unavoidable.

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On 12/5/2023 at 11:57 AM, Alexander said:

What to do when you get triggered by people?

The tradition idea is to stand your ground for what you believe true to social consensus your ancestry followed since dawn of civilization.  Everyone alive in this species does it in one ideology or another so all ideologies combined prevent one thing from being understood all the time.


Stand your time explaining that one thing every reality says doesn't happen in plain sight.  You won't gain any allies, but those opposing you will change their minds not to be on your side, but to understand the Natural World Order nd less likely to fall prey into wishing for an intellectually defined New World Order not correcting the old world traditions of never accepting now was always the time eternity separates genetic results inhabiting space here now.


Evolving is self evident by results never same details twice.


why adapting to the moment is never copied again while relived using same ideas every generation gap added.  In christianity it is the Original sin and final conflict together. heaven and hell in the same atmosphere. 


Not accepting what the brain navigates creates 95% mental illnesses induce by rule of law commanding ancestries to obey typecast definitions of who's who here now.

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7 hours ago, nuwu said:

If you are kind and forgiving to narcissists, they will exploit and abuse you until death.


It seems that this is a very common response when someone brings up forgiveness. "But you'd just be abused if you accepted everything."  I wonder where that interpretation comes from.


What I meant by forgiveness doesn't really have anything to do with actions in time. It's not about being a kind and forgiving person. It's not about forgiving in a future situation.



There must be an effortless way.

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@Blessed2 Game theory wise pragmatically measured defense mechanisms are possibly necessary in survival. https://youtu.be/mScpHTIi-kM


This interpretation is not inspired by pseudo-spiritual dogmas. I personally wish for infinitely loving ontology, rather than a regrettably abstract absolute with no relative practicality. 

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