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All Ships are Racist.

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Am I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous to want to have symbols of ships removed from the emblem crests because they're supposedly racist? I don't know why this thing needs to be so significant. Yea I'm against racism. Duh. But isn't this stretching it too far? 

Your donut is racist lol.omg your pudding is racist too. I think even your cigar is racist. I mean you get my point. 


Shit like this drew me to the white supremacist group in the first place. It has an opposite effect. I dunno if there's a term in psychology for this. 

Some sort of push back when stuff like this goes too far. 

Yea I know Trump followers are weird. But so are these lefties. 

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I don't know or understand what they're talking about, but ironically the reason for the current support for Israel against Muslims is our Navy and controlling the Suez Canal to this day, Britain conquered Palestine and Egypt in the 1800s when the canal opened, and created Israel in the 1940s out of it.

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38 minutes ago, Reena said:

@Devin what happened in 1800s should stay in 1800s.


But it continues to this day, the west's "support" for Israel is the same western imperialism just disguised in sheep's clothing. Along with French Polynesia, American Samoa, Panama Canal, Gibraltar, war in Iraq and afghanistan, .....

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1 minute ago, Devin said:

Israel is because of the suez Canal, a navy canal.

Canal and ships are two different things. Should people stop using ships because "feelings are hurt." 


There's a limit to how much something can be accommodated for. It's delusional entitlement when it crosses the line of prudence and general logic. There is no rationale as to why a tiny emblem of a ship needs to be changed to accommodate the feelings of people dealing with generational trauma. 

It's not like we aren't bombarded with Black History month. We already have enough awareness of racism and black history and slavery. And these are major things. I never said that racism is good. Racism needs to be  called out. 

But there's a certain limit to the length to which you wanna go to call something out. It reeks of pure entitlement and some tyrannical component, ironically the left preaches tolerance. So these things are intolerable now? 


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Al-Qaeda is a pan-Islamist militant organization led by Sunni Jihadists who self-identify as a vanguard spearheading a global Islamist revolution to unite the Muslim world under a supra-national Islamic state known as the Caliphate. Its members are mostly composed of Arabs, but also include other peoples. Wikipedia

Founded: 1988, Peshawar, Pakistan


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