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How I am creating my Reality

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I had this insight while being in Infinite state that Reality will follow what I am doing.That Universe will somehow support all my endeavors.Question for @Phil how exactly I am creating my reality.For example I want wife and kids what should be my first step needed to have family of my own.  How mechanism of creating your reality works so that I can have fastest results?

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40 minutes ago, Alexander said:

how exactly I am creating my reality.

That’s the whole point of ‘my’ youtube channel, this forum, and the monthly zoom calls. If interested give a watch. The ‘two spheres thing’ is actual. It’s not something a guy thought of, figured out, realized, an awakening, etc. It’s nothing like any of that. It’s THIS and it’s already done!


40 minutes ago, Alexander said:

For example I want wife and kids what should be my first step needed to have family of my own.  How mechanism of creating your reality works so that I can have fastest results?

While it could seem sarcastic, flippant, or even semantical - it really is already done.


Think of it like a kid thinking about Christmas. Is the kid going to make it happen? Is it going to be the result of some doing or thinking?

No, the parents are already making it happen!

Kids are just so dang innocent, and there’s truly nothing to know or and no one thinking, solving, figuring anything out.

Like, at all. 

As you say, ZERO. 

The kids can just make a list for Santa. That’s the dreamboard. 


There is no mechanism for creating reality, that’s already done, you’re being ‘it’ right now. This is ‘it’. It’s This!


For real man, it’s unbelievable. It’s so beautiful sometimes I honestly can’t even. I woke up this morning and yet again, cried like a baby that this is even so. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


It’s done, and it’s perfect!


There is a mechanism, lightly speaking, for the overlooking that you are creating reality, and it is the believing of thoughts.  And it’s all that thinking, figuring out, solving, conceptualizing, philosophizing, yada yada…  which obscures the truth… because, like @Blessed2 says… the ego is that which finds the truth too good to be true.


You get to be like a kid at Christmas. You don’t have to solve anything. You don’t have to carry burden. You don’t have to suffer. You get to be the kid.


Let go of ‘fastest results’ and enjoy this, now. 

This is it!

There isn’t a second reality or future the million bucks, the Mrs and the kiddos are in or will be in. It’s this one, and it’s already done. As if you wrote a movie and then pushed play and jumped in so you can enjoy it. That’s THIS. 


The guidance / communion is most key. The emotional scale is the simplest tool / way to go about it. Don’t care about what you think, care about alignment. If this involves any mending of relationships, if there’s any other kids to forgive, to apologize to - do that like now, today. Don’t wait. Most of all, forgive yourself. You didn’t know. You’re innocent. You have to overlook yourself to be experience. It’s just how it is. No regrets though brother. It’s now, and now is Good. It’s perfect!


Frankly, listen to Abraham Hicks, and @James123, and @Mandy and everyone and everything else that resonates. 

They’re angels I’m telling you.

All is here to help you with what you want. 

Allow, allow, allow. 


‘Receiving mode’ is no joke.

Write it, allow it, and receive it. 

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6 hours ago, Alexander said:

I had this insight while being in Infinite state that Reality will follow what I am doing.That Universe will somehow support all my endeavors.Question for @Phil how exactly I am creating my reality.For example I want wife and kids what should be my first step needed to have family of my own.  How mechanism of creating your reality works so that I can have fastest results?

Wherever you are, cooperate with everyone fully and receive the help from everyone. 


Everyone wants to help you, you'll discover this as you open up. 


The girl and the kids will manifest. 


But to be honest, the greatest "thing" is actually just this moment right now. 


And EVEN STILL all the stuff "you" want starts popping up! 


Its miraculous. 


Is the magic of sensation appreciated?



"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

A Comment on the 8th Ox Herding Picture

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1 hour ago, Alexander said:

@Phil @Orb Thanks guy.So I just live my life regularly and all things I want will manifest.

Then why I feel the need to fight for the things I want in life is that a discord?

The discord is that you don’t feel the need to fight for things you want in life, you feel that thought and the thought is in discord with truth. 


‘Live my life regularly’ might mean like everyone else does or conventionally, and if so that would be why… ‘why I feel the need to fight for things I want in this life’ arises. It’s the perfect question really. 


You’re not really finite, you’re infinite. Infinite means there is no finite. So if regularly means ‘like everyone else’, that wouldn’t be quite aligned. That would be a misperception of what ‘everyone else’ actually is. 


Because there is no finite there is no separation. So there isn’t actually a finite self and life, and so there isn’t a finite self in life or which has a life. The aliveness is your own infinitude, just as peace, happiness, intelligence and unconditional love is your own nature. You’re just as aliveness wether dreaming & believing there’s life & death or aware that you are aware (self-aware) and dreaming, without believing in a duality of life & death and an actual finite self therein.


If it’s believed you’re finite and there is a life and there are things, indeed it will seem as if there is a need to fight for things (survival paradigm), and this assumed need is assumed to be what’s felt, in spite of any discord, contraction, stress, tension and dis-ease seemingly experienced or unfolding. If you’re infinite, and you are, need can not possibly be. It’s not possible for an infinite being to need, because infinite mean no finite. (Infinite can not know finite).


If it’s not believed you’re finite then it’s not believed there’s a second ‘thing’, a life you’re in, and it’s not believed there are ‘things’ in a life. Instead it’s noticed there are thoughts, that there are, things. It’s also noticed these ‘thoughts’ are not separate finite things, such as produced by a brain (separate finite thing), but rather simply appear, and disappear. 


These ‘thoughts of things’ which appear and disappear aren’t coming from anywhere and aren’t actually separate. This means infinite you is essentially a magician, in accordance with direct experience, of your own appearing and disappearing, as ‘thoughts’. 


And it’s not just “the thoughts”.


It’s perception and sensation as Well. It’s the Whole of experience. The Whole show. The entirety is essentially akin to the experience of one “thought”. Appears, disappears, done. Gone. Never was in the first place because “it” “was” an appearance of you, not an actual separate finite ‘thing’. 



There is no mechanism of creating, but there’s an apparent mechanism of overlooking, or obscuring, and its “thoughts”, believed. Beliefs. 


Having noted that there is no ‘finite you’, infinite you is appearing as if there is a finite you. This is ‘accomplished’ by infinite you appearing as everything else, making it seem as if you’re smack dab in the middle of it all. Hence, the entirety of direct experience seemingly implies there’s a soul or finite self ‘inside the body’. 


Body’s a thought. What the thought points to is you, appearing. Believing what the thought body points to is not you appearing, but is you, is an illusion. An illusion of believing thoughts, you’re appearing as. 


So “the fight”… is really between believing thoughts (illusion), and the truth of appearance, and therein, your own infinitude, and that you are essentially dreaming, right now, and because all is apparent, there is only actually ‘ever’, right now, and in sincerity, honesty & integrity, not even. 


So look around. ‘That’ is yourself, without exception. Don’t fight with yourself. So called thoughts are yourself. Don’t fight with yourself. Feel. That is yourself. Dont fight with yourself - listen to yourself. 


Short and sweet, you can listen to intelligence, happiness, peace, unconditional love… 

or a thought, and believe there is, and you are, a finite self, which knows, understands, and is right. 


Alternatively there is the truth; ever-present, free, infinitely intelligent, unconditionally loving, ever-peaceful, limitlessly creative, Guidance

There is no finite self which feels ‘I need to fight for things’. 

There is emotion, and how that thought, feels.

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