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Everything really seem to be connected.


If something changes "there", it affects "here", instantly.


Because there is no "here" without "there". "Here" is relative to "there".


"Here" and "there" are thoughts!


The distance does not matter. If something happens in China, it affects the US. If something happens in a distant galaxy, it affects us. "Us" is a phenomena relative to "a distant galaxy". It's instantaneous. In fact, time has nothing to do with it at all.


This is not simply some philosophy, this is not logical deduction. This is literally what "this" is!


This is what the weirdness in quantum physics is! There is no two separate particles. It is all interconnected. We are all united in this field.


What you are and what you do matters. We are in this together! You can serve the whole of humanity and planet earth with even the smallest actions. Say kind words! Do kind things! Forgive! Hug your friend! Kiss your partner!


And care about yourself! Stay healthy! Have fun! Treat yo self! 💕💕


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That's a great insight.  Let me add more from my perspective.  The masculine is about the thing, the ego, the individual, order, encircling, truth, free will.  The feminine is about the other, the no ego, the collective, chaos, allowing, awareness, no free will.  What became really interesting for me was to see the interplay and the rupture between the masculine and the feminine duality as noted above, and also to appreciate both ends of that duality fully without repressing either into the individual or collective shadow.   People at different "stages" of development work are going to interpret the masculine vs. feminine binary or duality differently.  Interplay vs. chaos is similar to the peace vs. war duality between the masculine vs. feminine duality (or Yang vs. Yin).  Play (interplay) vs. rupture, and the "cycle" repeats between Yin vs./and Yang.

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