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Neem Karoli Baba

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Don't know why I felt like sharing this


Neem Karoli Baba has been in my mind today.


I've known him for quite some time, but at times I remember him and each time I feel something a bit deeper.


He wasn't really a guru, a teacher or a leader. He didn't claim to be any of that... For me it really seems that this guy was just a sadhu, someone who simply devoted himself for communion and the wellbeing of others. Thus people just gathered around him.


Dunno if this is wrong to say, but I don't think there has been many people in our history to embody such... Potential. I'm not sure what I'm saying, but I feel it.


Though I can't really describe him. I've tried to figure out 'who he was', but it seems I can't get a "hold of it".


I'd like to meet him even deeper.




Google his name and see what he has to say. If you've had experiences with spiritual mis-leadership, this stark example might help you see what true devotion and communion is like.


Though be careful, he might steal your heart.

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1 hour ago, Lotus said:

"If you're willing, I will be available to you in more ways than you can logically understand. Because, a guru is not a person."

- Sadhguru


“It is not necessary to meet your guru on the physical plane. The guru is not external.”

- Neem Karoli Baba 


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After seeing many different spiritual teachers, I've come to the conclusion that enlightenment is really rare, and a lot of supposed teachers are still in the god/krishna consciousness phase.


This guy seems legit.


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57 minutes ago, Orb said:

god/krishna consciousness phase


Hi! What do you mean by ^^^


And what's your definition of enlightenment?


I find ppl use different lingo for different meanings, so just trying to understand how you use these terms.


Thanks! 😊

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@Faith coming from my experience, after meditating for a while your perception will change. Its not that your perception changes its more that beliefs are let go of which gives a sense that perception has shifted. 


Eventually you can have spiritual experiences/glimpses and at this point you can think you're enlightened. I think many teachers operate from this space, I mean shit you can make great money from it.


Enlightenment is complete cessation of the thinker, after many spiritual experiences I've had they have no real importance to me now, the real peace is in cessation. 


I'm surprised people aren't as honest about the simplicity of what enlightenment is....oh yea money 👌.

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2 hours ago, Orb said:

Eventually you can have spiritual experiences/glimpses and at this point you can think you're enlightened.

So, this ^^ is what you are referring to as God consciousness phase?


I don't use God typically in my lingo in the sense others use it (ie. God realization). I will say "awakening" or "Self-realization" typically. Maybe I'm old school. Yes, I probably am, lol.


2 hours ago, Orb said:

Enlightenment is complete cessation of the thinker


My take is that we are aware of thoughts, but there is no true "thinker" of them. It only appears this way, because we attach to them as "my" thought.


Breaking the "attachment" to the mind/body as the little "me" is what I would refer to as enlightenment. Always knowing, when needed (like how you know your name, but dont have to constantly be thinking of it), that ones true nature is, awareness, first and foremost.

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4 minutes ago, Orb said:

@Faith that's what I mean by the God consciousness phase, selling words about spiritual attainment. 

I think the terminology with the spirituality crowd changes every 10 years, but means the same thing. 🤷‍♀️ ...makes it sound edgy or new age, I guess. 😆


8 minutes ago, Orb said:


I agree with and appreciate your take :).

Awe, well I appreciate that! 



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