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Isn't it odd how we still don't really know why we are here and why the universe exists?


That scientifically (and philosophically speaking) we don't know per se why all this exists, and that we actually need to look for the answers.


We don't know why there is something rather than nothing.


Isn't that fucking crazy?


Why do we need to look for answers? Why do we need science... To figure out why all this exists?


How is it possible that the answer to such questions is not already given?


How it is possible that at some point it isn't known why the universe exists and why I'm here... And then at another point it would be known?


How could it be possible that it is not known how to make life work, how to heal myself, how to feel better?


Get what I'm saying?


How is it possible that something is unknown? Especially "the big" questions.


It smells like something is a bit off here. Only some seriously mistaken assumptions could make this shit up.


😂😂😂 What is going on here?! How is it possible for something to be unknown??? 😂


There must be an effortless way.

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This actually feels pretty great! Childlike.


The whole "movie" of knowing and not knowing is apparent. And then there's the screen.


The questioning of why we're here, why is there something rather than nothing etc... Is an overlooking of the screen. Of what's prior to the questioning.



There must be an effortless way.

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What is also great is the things that don't necessarily need questioning. Your favorite ice cream flavour you enjoy. Your likes and interests. That conversation you had with the cashier. You're here, and whatever is true is already being experienced, and no knowledge about experience can replicate experience. You can extensively study an encyclopedia about how vanilla ice cream tastes, but it won't be the taste of vanilla ice cream.

But otherwise, no clue. Looks like we got plopped into the ultimate adventure game.

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Describe a thought.

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