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Thoughts of discord


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Thoughts of discord isn’t quite the same as discordant thoughts. 

That God is behind thoughts of discord is a belief, a discordant thought. 

There is only a God from the illusory perspective of / as a separate self; ‘the knower’. 

Therein, there isn’t. 


Perhaps discord felt has to do with some confusion between knowing & believing. 

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1 hour ago, Alexander said:


Still didn't answeree me my question.Why do we have thoughts that cause feeling discord.

There's no "we", no "have" or possession, no cause and effect, outside of thinking these things to be actual. 


If I ask you why unicorns eat their own vomit and you answered me that unicorns aren't real, I could say you didn't answer my question, and I'd be right, but your answer would have provided far more clarity than I knew I was asking for. 

 Youtube Channel  

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