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I’m curious to hear of anyone’s thoughts on what toxicity is, how something could be toxic, & any thoughts about this article. 

I feel the thought about something being toxic doesn’t resonate. I’m not suggesting just a change in language, but that when we look at something that is being perceived as toxic and allow not-knowing, energy shifts, when we just believe it is toxic and the problem is that thing, energy freezes. 

There isn’t actually masculinity & femininity, positivity & negativity, but there is a lot of energy around thoughts about the way things are. 
The idea of toxic is dividing, not integrating. 
If there is something being perceived as toxic, the energy isn’t to be rejected, but to be felt more, integrated into the Dance. 

Covertly negative, is toxically positive.

When you go with the suppression, it transforms to expression. 
Unconsciously going with it is repression, consciously going with it is Healing. 

Consciously going with the unconscious reaction allows the energy to move into a conscious response. If the energy is backlogged, there is unexpressed reactions in the body that come up as triggers/ dis-ease. When we consciously trigger ourselves, it allows the energy to flow, as the Unmovable is unveiled.


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Believing something is toxic is the belief in an outside world affecting a physical me. Saying that a way of thought or focus is discordant is more aligned with the reality that you are non-physical attracting rather than being done to. Nightshades are one of the most fascinating families of plants and have incredible potential to harm and heal depending on their use and what sort of physically focused creature you are, birds eat things that are poison to humans, etc. Even in nature there's no such thing as poison or harmful substance as a universal truth. 

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