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_A journal on Borderline disorder and women's suffering

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When men fall sick, people have empathy for them. 

When a woman falls sick, people blame her and say that she was irresponsible and didn't take good care of herself. 



Female health is always taken for granted. 


Because nobody clearly understands female health. 


It's like in the eyes of men, a woman simply can never suffer. 





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When a woman resists a man, it's because deep down she is suffering. Deep down she can take no more and wants to put an end to it. 

Her whole body is in defense mode. 


It's a man's ego that he cannot take accountability for causing pain to a woman. 



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I already suffer chronic fatigue. I simply cannot take being rammed into. And a constant demand of my attention and empathy. And I have to keep coddling others like babies meanwhile I have my own needs of compassion


Not one dime of compassion. Not one dime of compassion. It's just ridiculous level of entitlement, and I'm the one who is being called a narcissist. 


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