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Self Centeredness & Selfishness Vs Selflessness & Goodness

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If there seems to be an experience of egocentric self-centered-ness / nonstop thinking and focusing on the separate self of thoughts, and there’s a consistent experience of primarily the ‘lower’ emotions, as in below passion … yet there is a seeking of awakening and enlightenment - consider spending just one day in service to others with no ulterior benefit for you. 


Spend a day at a soup kitchen, volunteer at a hospital or veteran’s center, or for your city doing trash pick up or whatever they have for you, or a food bank, a local church or a place for victims of abuse. Raise money for a charity, include FB etc, this forum & everyone you know, and everyone they know. Clean your place out and donate to Goodwill. Drop off hot meals to homeless folks. Think of something a friend, relative, coworker, neighbor or stranger needs or that would make their life easier or lift burden and do that for them / make that for them / buy that for them. 


You will be shocked by what just one day of attention and focus withdrawn from the ‘individual self’ of thoughts… and returned to perception, sensation and selfless activities will be like. It is indeed God-like as it is empty-headed, most humbling and there is absolutely nothing in it for you.


Feel free to share any places & links and add more examples & suggestions. 




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I know everybody’s busy and life can be challenging & demanding. Seriously, that’s very understandable. There’s so much that needs to get done it can seem like you never have the time, let alone working on your self, maintaining relationships and staying on the path. Nobody here’s suggesting these things aren’t important.


Nonetheless, just a plea to maybe give this thread some consideration. You might have more to give than what you’re thinkin. Stuff you don’t really use or need might be really helpful to someone and it’s always a breath of fresh air to empty out the old and clean the place up. If you can afford to, maybe next time you’re grocery shopping drop a bag or gift card off at a food bank. Or maybe pick out a greeting card, express a little appreciation in it and mail it someone who could use it. Or if you know someone who wrestles with being angry or feeling isolated or the like, take a minute to listen & share what worked for you. It’s easy to get wrapped up in things but it’s always so surprising how lending just a little bit of yourself goes such a long way. 

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