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Why idealism is not the case / the universe is not a mind


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Can you define "mind" without contrast or refrence to "matter" or "physicality"?


What does "mind" mean?


Therefore to say that idealism is the case, or that the universe is a mind, is simply the other side of the materialist coin.


To drop materialism & idealism and to go for that the universe is simply you, is a significant step to the right direction.


There must be an effortless way.

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Spinoza avoided the word consciousness and preferred to refer to the Absolute as an infinite Being -- he called it Substance.  This is still idealism but it's not based on mind or consciousness.  This is one of the ways that Spinoza differs from Advaita Vedanta who tend to say that the Absolute is Consciousness.  Spinoza avoids the word consciousness or even mind like the plague.  He talks about intellect but rarely uses the words mind or consciousness.  When he uses the word mind, he almost always means intellect or more specifically thoughts.  I can see how he's reacting to Advaita Vedanta while also taking influence from it.

"The greatest thing the Mind can understand is God, a Being absolutely infinite, without which it can neither be nor be conceived."  -- Spinoza, "The Ethics 

Here's Leo Gura saying that the Infinite is Consciousness:

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