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Often the first step is the recognition of the denial of projection. When this is allowed to be seen, the next step is emptying & allowing clarity via expression. However, the framing of ‘if one wants to ever enlighten’ is shadow. Loosely speaking, ‘shadow’ is synonymous with ego, separate self of thought, or the individual. To ‘hold’ the framing of ‘one becomes enlightened or enlightens’, is an attempt to carry the ego or separate self or individual of thought through the shadow work. The ‘one who becomes enlightened or enlightens’ is the shadow, ego, separate self of thought, individual. Put another way, there is enlightenment; there is no who becomes enlightened. 


The emotional scale is a tool of shadow work. Initially the directness of emotions experienced is overlooked via believing there is a cause outside of yourself. This sounds like I feel a, b or c emotions because of x, y or z. That x, y or z could be a past, a potential future, someone else, or because of the ‘separate self’ of thought. What ‘it’ (the cause of the discord felt) is always believed to be… is anything other than - the thought ‘itself’. (Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and ultimately misidentification). 

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