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Share your favorite fragrances and perfumes

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I recently bought a nice perfume. It's called Forever Elizabeth by Elizabeth Taylor. 


I really liked it. 

What's your favorite one. 

I'm looking to explore more fragrances. A nice intoxicating scent can really brighten up your day. 



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I only use this: https://sensitiveplanet.com/collections/original-scent-of-samadhi-formula


It's one jar I only have to buy once a year.

It's a powder of natural ingredients that mix with your sweat to produce a somewhat unique perfume.

I can't stand deodorants and perfumes, they give me allergic reactions these days.

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Posted (edited)

I like sandalwood but I'm too used to it.



Went perfume hunting again. 

Got 7 perfumes. Still not happy. Doesn't match the one I want. 

OK but collected some insights on my perfumes. 



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Posted (edited)

First are the tests for perfumes. I categorized the tests. 


- 2 min test - this is to see if the perfume is compatible with your taste. Do you really like it at the first spritz. 


- longevity test. How long does the perfume last on your skin. Wear test. 24 hour test. It's gonna be different for everyone and vary from person to person depending on skin chemistry. 


- cancer test - the perfume should not contain carcinogenic compounds. 


- is it reasonably priced. Check your budget before buying. 



- signature test. See how you relate to it. Are you drawn to it? Do you use it more often than others? This is going to be your long term choice. 



- dry down test. Check how the perfume feels on the dry down. Stain and discoloration tests as well. 


- projection test - does it leave a trail of scent. 



- headache test. Allergy test. Wear it for few hours and see if it causes a headache.



- gourmand test. This depends on preference. 



- skin friendliness test - does it irritate on the skin. 



- alcoholic test and synthetic test - most perfumes are sadly going to feel alcoholic. But some are more ethanolly and alcoholic than others. The alcohol can sometimes dominate the perfume fragrance depending on the formula used. Go for those that feel less alcoholic.


- combine your perfume with fragrant products like fragrant body lotion. This is sometimes called layering. 





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Posted (edited)

What things/notes I generally prefer 


- musk

- sandalwood 

- orchid 

- gardenia 

- powdery 

- cedarwood

- lavender 

- vanilla 

- Tonka beans 

- bergamot 

- coffee, toffee

- berries 

- balsamic 

- mandarin 

- Cupcake 

- rum 

- macademia 

- woody 

- soapy 

- herbaceous 

- almond 

- tiare 

- detergent 

- pink Lilly 

- sea salt 

- cocoa 

 - amber 

- strawberry 

- chocolate 

- butter



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Two new fragrances added to my collection. 


And Musk. 

Both smell unique. 

And other scents I discovered today 


Japanese cherry blossom - kinda okayish. Smells fruity. 

Grapefruit - smells fruity as well. 



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I don't use any perfumes but rather prefer completely natural products like Essential Oils.

Some of my favorites are Spike Lavender, Holy Frankincense and Peppermint 🙂

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

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Posted (edited)

@Pluto I like the concept of going natural. But I don't find them effective enough and too expensive for a small pint of old oil in a tiny bottle

. I usually order online and get tiny expensive vials and they are old stock  because nobody wants to buy them so the potency is already diminished by a huge margin.

Plus with natural oils it's always the same ingredients like lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, Sandalwood etc. But I'm tired of those same fragrances. 

With perfumes I can have a variety of smells added to my cabinet. 

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