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Quote your thoughts!


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"I found an easy way to let go believing thoughts."


"It might be quite similar to the "going prior"-thing."


Just imagine whatever you're thinking or stories/narratives you tell yourself as text inside quotation marks ("").


And notice they're just lines of text, like something you would read some character say in a novel or something.


You can also do it with a pen or paper or with your phone.


"It might also be helpful to write in cursive. Maybe that makes it seem even more like just some nonsensical blabbering."


For example...


"I've been feeling like shit for a couple of days already."


Remain mindful and really notice the quotation marks. Notice it is in fact just a narrative, a thought story. And you're the one reading / percieving it, not "in" the story.


One line at a time. Take pause and midnfully pay attention to each quote.


"I can't feel better. There is some stagnant emotion or energy in my stomach."


"I should meditate more."


"I'm too lazy."


"If I eat unhealthy food, I will become fat."


These are all self-referential thoughts. But you can also do it for any thought or belief you catch.


"Enlightened people don't eat unhealthy food."


"It's still cold and dark and summer is so far away."


"It is the year 2023."

"The capitalist system is ruining our enviroment."


"Heavy metals poison your brain and makes you depressed."

"We are separate individual people living in a world."


There must be an effortless way.

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“Questions are more important than answers. Stay open & grounded in this Wonder.”

”Nothing can truly grasp the glory of the wind blowing by, or the waves flowing.”

”Language can dance, loops around, Feeling spirals down, to drop it, there is the Ground.”

“Spirt moves through me deeper then my bones, neither is there together or alone.”

“There is no-one to see the world, & no world for a one to see. You Are The World.”

”Boundless Body.” 

“Infinitely Alone Together.” 
“There isn’t even a paradox, when language Flops, just Indescribable Being.”

”The One Hand cannot grab itself, that just makes a frustrated fist!” 👊🏼 

“Let go, let it be, allow the settling of the mist, untangles the wrist.” 
“The story isn’t me, but pretending it fun”

”Stay with the Happiness.” 

”There was never a single thing.”

”Just This.” 

“Blank, yet it is Love’s Gaze.”

”Unconditionally, no matrix maze.” 



Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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