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Reasons for not engaging on this (or any other) forum


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1) I enjoy life outside of forums way more. 


2) After having read/listened to a lot of spiritual teachings, pointers & trip reports, I can‘t see them anymore. Everything‘s been heard in one way or another and it becomes tiringly repetitive and boring. Be it Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Abraham Hicks, Phil, Adyashanti or any other spiritual stuff. From time to time it‘s great, but certainly not when it‘s chronic. 


3) Might be projection on my side, but there seems to be a lot of arguing on who‘s right and who‘s not. Or what‘s right/true and what‘s not. I don‘t want to engage in those kinds of convos, as I don‘t even care about the concepts in the first place. 


4) Posting seems to perpetuate a discordant identity. Again, probably projection on my side. It‘s either the ID of someone knowledgeable in spirituality or the ID of someone seeking help or the ID of someone having mystical experiences. The root cause of that ID is not the forum, but thought identification. Yet, engaging on a spiritual forum seems to keep the ‚spiritual ID momentum‘ up. I‘ve noticed that staying away from engaging in forums makes me think less about the above stuff, thus making it easier to let go of the above identification. Even this post creates a further layer of identity.


It‘s beautiful to read how people here are healing, though! 🫶

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