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Low moods

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I suffer with low moods, my whole life.  Don’t know if I have some kind of high functioning depression, since it’s never bad enough that I can’t get out of bed for example.  
But rather like I’m walking around with a dark cloud hovering over me.  Some days I’m good. 
Possibly cycle and hormone related. 
It’s at a point where others comment on my mood and I’m seen as negative .  Even though I’m not actually doing anything, but simply me being withdrawn and quiet is enough to annoy some people. 
I’m wondering if I have a mood disorder? 
Some days there is a feeling of impending doom so to speak.  For a while now I’ve been feeling in limbo and have this trapped feeling. 
I was thinking to try 5-htp to see if that helps with serotonin levels? 

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This does sound a bit like what they call deppression. Especially this:


12 minutes ago, Earthchild said:

Some days there is a feeling of impending doom so to speak.


This is just from my experience with low mood, depression etc. but I don't think 5-htp or other supplements / drugs would be a good choice here. They can take you down some not so good roads, I think pills are way overrated and overused. I'd focus more on getting the vitamins and minerals. Especially magnesium has been helpful for me. Though of course I'm not a professional of any sort.


So good that you acknowledge how you're feeling and open up about it. That's already a huge step to right direction. Life is supposed to feel good, not like walking under a dark cloud. I say don't settle for feeling not-so-good. Take action to feel amazing.


How's rest and relaxation? Do you feel like you rest enough, that you are able and allowed to rest and let worries and stress go?


There must be an effortless way.

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It helps to break down the "I'm depressed", "I have low moods" thinking/believing, and see each emotion for what it is in the moment. Then we chose thoughts that feel better, and we see how we are holding ourselves in a negative emotion. For example the thought "I have low moods" might feel really discouraging, and then you're still staying in discouragement. When we stop thinking those patterned thoughts, we give space to the new. What do you love and want to do in this life?  


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@Mandy Thankyou..  well mostly I’m anxious about the future, feeling very unsettled.  Not knowing what I’m going to do.  But see I’ve always had this sort of feeling. Thing is when I was younger though I would ignore the feelings by doing things to escape like drinking etc.

It seems like it’s getting worse as I’m getting older, I thought we were supposed to become more carefree with age but it seems the opposite for me haha. 
I’m definitely in a limbo phase, but also been having more obsessive thoughts, like what am I gonna do? And praying for guidance.  
Just not getting any answers or direction..

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