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In the end of my last LSD trip, I experienced some thing quite "wacky". Its something I remember I experienced a couple of years ago on a psilocibyn trip, but It in a less "clear" way. Here It was pretty clear.

Basically I was just on the comedown of the trip listening to music, trying to integrate the trip. The "wacky" thing was that the sounds of the music felt like Love.

I know, its very fucking strange. But i couldn't explain It in other way.

See previously all my Life if i would listen to music there would be this "idea" running on my subsconscious such as:

- The music are vibrations which are perceived by my brain.

But now It was something like:

- This sound feels like "unites" me with 'everybody' in existence.

Damn that is weird...

Another way to put It is, I felt this feeling that in the sound, everything in existence ( all humans, for example) exist *Here. Like the sound was actually Consciousness/Eternal, not waves or atoms or some shit like that.

Like the sound was the "prove" that Love was here and everything happens Here (and everybody exists here) and that meant pure Unity with existence.

Its freaking impossible to explain It Im sorry😄

But basically the sound was not sound, the music was not music, But Consciousness.

Pure creativity morfing into a sound. 

So weird...

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