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This makes me a saaaad panda...

Sad Panda

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I don't know what to say.

I've spoken with most of you on actualized.org. Hello people! 

If Nahm bans me one day, will you all join my literally identical forum? I'll call it actualizedactuality. Better than both forums combined! 😀

Jokes aside, I'm curious to know how people here feel about this forum. How would you respond to Leo calling it "underhanded"?

I guess since you're here, you bias is to support Nahm, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Consider this my attempt to broaden my understanding by getting perspectives that challenge my own.


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@Sad Panda Hi and welcome to the forum.

This isn't a case of taking one side against another and this forum hasn't been set up as "competition" as some seem to think.  I've responded to this question is a previous thread, but below is my response to that. I hope this helps:

I can only speak for myself here.

I was a member of Actualized for several years. I rarely used it to comment or talk, simply as guidance for my own personal development. I haven't actually been banned from it, but think this is probably because I was rarely logged in.

I was always careful to follow users that I felt were in line with what I instinctively knew was the right path and were in line with teachers that I resonated with, like Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille. Phil was someone that I was naturally drawn towards because his comments were always in alignment with this. They were intelligent, loving, and written in a way that actually made me think and discover the Truth behind the words. Ironically, the other people I followed are three moderators on this site. They did not know I was following their comments, nor did I know they were moderators until I was invited here last week. I had no idea Phil even knew them.

I have had several 1 to 1 meetings with Phil in the last two years that have been massively beneficial to me in more ways than just spiritually. I have long been hoping that he would set up a forum of some sort because I felt that Actualized wasn't the place for me any more. I felt that the environment had become borderline toxic.  I'm not a big fan of people being publicly belittled, which had started to become par for the course.

Leo's teachings are no longer resonating here. I'm glad this forum came out of what happened because it's long overdue. There needs to be a place where love and compassion can thrive and where people are comfortable openly discussing what they feel rather than feeling that they might be ridiculed. This is that very place.

I have the utmost respect for Leo. He's a very intelligent and hardworking man and what he's done for the non dual community can't be denied. Unfortuntely, I feel his forum is stale, his teaching method dull and the path that he's now started taking his followers down is dubious to say the least. 

I can only imagine that the people who have come to this site feel drawn here as I do. It's that simple, there's no hidden cult agenda's or conspiracies. I wasn't coerced here by any means,  just follow what feeling tells me is the right thing to do.

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