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I feel I should post


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It has been some time ever since I interacted with people here (or had back and forths). Feels like I kinda miss it from my life right now, as if it is fulfilling interacting with people here, reading what people write and responding, sharing perspectives, insights and ideas.

I don't want to "miss out", or something...


So I wanted to write this a few days ago already and kept putting it down because it didn't feel convenient. It might not be interesting for everyone, but still, it is a "letting it out" as Phil says (or something like that).

Even though right now I'm feeling a little sentimental (probably because of this topic - of interacting right here) what I want to talk about is rather happy, but I just now feel some emotion. Ok.



So I can't express how grateful I am for the military. Right now it ain't so consuming, but I sometimes have a burst of gratitude out of nowhere and have 'movies' in my mind of the possibility of being where I'm at! So much luck has played into it. Who knew life could be so funny? Who knew it will all work out in the end? It has been many life choices that got me to perhaps the best place I could possibly be at!

I failed on the test getting into the field I wanted. I had no position and thought it's over and they'll just throw me somewhere. An opportunity to get into the radio field had arose and was interviewed when I was overseas (through zoom). I failed quite bad and embarrassingly (they asked very simple questions that require little general knowledge about the country and I didn't know). Out of 17 people only me and one other didn't pass it. To be honest I didn't even really want to be in the radio/movie making field. It doesn't even fit me, it's just that what other option did I already have...??

So back to not having a position. I thought I might want to go to a pre-military camp. I wanted to go mostly for the social experience of it, and it was great. The good thing is that it also postpones the recruitment, so that I'll have more time to try to get into a position.

I must say that I took the interview for the pre-military-camp so lightly, like I even didn't take it serious and I really thought I wouldn't get accepted (after all, like 250-300 people wanted to get in and only like 50-60 were accepted). I was starting already to plan how I'll deal with this downhill path set for me.... luckily I got accepted.

So something actually did happen during camp. Sometime in the middle of camp we all got an sms from the military regarding our positions. Seemed like more kids didn't have a position beforehand. I got something that I was super excited about because it had to do with airplanes. Not much time past and I realized it is quite shitty. Probably the worst place you could be in the airforce, doing more dirty work. But... At least I have a position, I guess.

I knew I was on the Autism spectrum (ASD), and I am glad to be finally getting a position also with "normal" people and also a full service, to be like everyone else. I've been going through so much with the military before I went to camp during and after school. So much tension, doubt and stress. I was so glad that shit was over. It didn't finish.

So there's a program called Titkadmu (Hebrew translation of "Move Forwards") - a program of the military to help recruit autistic people into the military. They called my father and asked him if I'm interested in it (he asked me a few months before I finished camp). I told him hell no and that I'm not interested in being labeled during my service. I don't want to be serving with autistic people all the time and also want to be with "normal" people and not get all those freaking "discounts".

Little did I know about the program, because after I finished camp I thought of giving it a listen (yes, I haven't even gave a listen to the short youtube video explaining what it is because I was to quick to deny it). After watching I felt that it was stupid to quickly deny it, and had some questions and wanted to hear more.

I was forwarded to a guy that answered my questions and even said that going to this program will open more opportunities for me, such as retaking the test into the field I wanted and retaking the general military test. He also told me that I'll be with the autistic kids only during the bootcamp (6 weeks), and then we all split up to our positions together with all the "normal" people.

I've been convinced, and my life has changed when I've decided to go to it.

Apparently autistic people are very great friends, and they are really like normal people (high functioning) and can joke about many things. We literally joked about us being autistic people! 🤣 Apparently someone from the camp was also there. Great people.

We all had the opportunity of getting a position we'd like in the military.

I've really wanted something specific, and I felt I was really matched up for it.

So now comes the retaking of the test for the field I wanted. Guess what happened?

So I got there, together with a few other chosen ones, and apparently they told me I can go home. What??

Apparently, the test I've took 1.5 years beforehand.. has passed! Not only passed, but big time passed with an excellent score! Fucking hell man... you can't make such mistakes come one man...😅

So yeah, I've really fought for getting the position I want now in this field (out of the displayed positions the program offers us). At the end, I didn't get an interview for it, but got 2 interviews for probably the 2 greatest places anyone could get to in the military, and I really mean it. But I didn't give a fuck at the moment, and was very attached to the idea of having an interview for whatever I want later.

I didn't show much enthusiasm in those 2 interviews, and later realized it was a mistake...

I've started doing more research on those 2 positions and realized that these are like one in a lifetime opportunities, well, one of them is even more sticking, but ok. I tried to ask as quickly as possible if I could talk again to the interviewers to better explain myself now (even though they were already impressed from the interview). The woman in charge of accepting people into those positions facetimed me and I was so glad to hear it wasn't all set in stone and she gives me an opportunity to choose between the 2, just as I'd like.

Eventually I chose the one that better suited for me. With more research, I've come to discover this is the best place I could possibly ever be at, and probably for other people as well, who would kill to be me right now.




So yeah, what would've happened had I continued to fight for that position I wanted, thinking it is the best there is to offer?

If I'd deny going to this autistic program (which I didn't know much about), I'd be doing some dirty job.

Thank god I didn't pass this simple test to get into the radio field... just doesn't suit me and don't like it.

Thank god I got accepted to camp... I took the interview too lightly and I probably would've been lost as hell without camp to give me some hope.

So yeah... looking back. From bottom to top - every choice in life led me to the greatest place ever.




Aight I actually wanted to talk about another thing, but since all that took a long time to write I pretty much had enough for now and might continue it sometime later.

At least I gotta start somewhere. If you read until here then I really appreciate you taking your time to read this, really.

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Happy for you man 🙏, it's nice how everything works out.


I got nothing else to say, but I'll give feedback on the next stuff you add. 


Feel good, express honestly, see the fruits of your labor, eat the fruits, share them with us and let us take the seeds and make our own fruits 😊.

"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

A Comment on the 8th Ox Herding Picture

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Ok so I'll continue.

This has to do more with life plan and success stuff:


I feel like my life is planned, like for the first time I feel like my plan is kinda solid, more like liquid - has some base.


I'll be working a significant cool job for the next 3 years in the military, and I'll probably want to go for even longer because I want to become an officer (depends how much I'd like my job and if it'll still interest me). I'm getting out of the military at age 24-28.


Afterwards I plan on creating/working on a tech start-up (as commonly done by people after finishing their service in those tech fields), creating wealth. This also kinda aligns with the way I imagine my true self - risk taking and jumping on projects for the fun of creating and leading.

I also plan on taking a vacation and flying over seas. I planned to fly to Japan with a good friend of mine (that'll be in at least 3.5 years). We think It'll be funny and cool.

The order of the things aren't very significant. I might fly with him before I get into the workforce, or maybe even before I finish the service - who knows.


Before getting into the workforce, maybe after, or maybe sometime in the middle I want to go to a Shaolin Kung-Fu school. It's something I've lately been fascinated about. I want to spend time learning and (hopefully) mastering this art and become a better and stronger human being. It seems very cool. So yeah, I'd like to spend at least 1 year doing it (but to master it I'll need more).


Now something I'd really like to do as a living (doesn't necessarily mean for money) is to create music. I've been talking about it a lot already in my threads. I've talked about it also with @Phil quite a bit some time ago. All those limiting beliefs and conditions and reasons for not creating music... I don't want that pressure.. but yeah I want to take steps and be intentional, and flowing. I feel like I have a lot to share, but it comes only at times. Sometimes I feel a stronger urge to share ("I just wish I could share all of that musically and inspire many people!") and sometimes I just feel I have nothing to share. But yeah, someday I'll really want to do it.

Kinda ironic that in that long ass vacation of 3 months I didn't create anything...


In regard to what I wrote about the music, eventually I want to find God. I want to experience the enlightenment. It could be through the music, and could also be slowly found through all the adventures on this journey. It is a dream to just fully be Me and know that I'm truly living. Before I have my kids I want to fully realize my true nature. This is because I want to be a good father and a great person.



So this is basically all what I planned on writing.

In  addition I want a loving beautiful woman (but I'd like to experience sex first lmao) that I can feel like myself being around her and not need to worry too much about it.

Oh yeah, also keeping contact with friends always, and meeting new people along the journey.

Also to keep learning (such as languages, music, science), and creating.

Man this just sounds naturally inspiring.

I heard somewhere that you inspire others by literally being excited about your own life.

I'm feeling like a main character!


Hope to see what's next, what's more to learn

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