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Death is something coming to an end.


What is it you really don't want to come to an end? 


When thought identifies with something and that "something" fades away, that is death too. 


Thought identifies with "I", we can say this is the primary identification.


Then in thought, this "I" identifies with objects (money, sex, fame, etc.), we can say these are secondary identifications.


When this "I" loses one of the objects it identifies with those are micro-deaths. In other words when "I" no longer has an experience of some object it identified with it is a micro-death.


The aversion to loss is actually the saving grace, aversion is the Key and the Lock! Just use it as a key instead of a lock!


The micro-deaths point to something so cool.


I call it micro death because these little losses point to the true aversion, the true death. (No worries, no one's gonna die 😊)


When "I" and the experience structure is dissidentified with, it's mega-death!


"I" and "Experience" create each other, no experience, no I. 


So the true fear/aversion is the end of all Experience, the end of packaging direct experience, turning it into an experience/memory, then getting high off of it, abusing the memory like some object, objectifying oneself, apparently.


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Undo You


At life's four-way stop
The tinges in your shadow drop
Fate pulls you down for the count
With broken promises to amount

Time seal our ways
To the heart of our hiding place
When all our lifelines have been crossed
Some scars can never heal from what we lost

To fail the test and depart the strong
Is to light the way where you have gone
For only our funerals to come
A requiem in death, a song

And it seems to be
That consistency is not what lingers ahead
But a virtue of the dead


One of these days
Hours pass yet the night stays
When your spirit won't turn anew
The world shuts down with no goodbye to undo you

Breathing lifeless
We are not afraid to die
Breathe in life's less
You're afraid not to live

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