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It's a bunch on tensing muscles and locks.


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Lately been noticing how most, if not all of the politics I think of and blabber about is really just muscle tension. Same with all sorts of other discordant thinking patterns etc.


Literally. It seems like what most of the insecurity, fear, shame, unsorthiness, worry, suffering is really just all sorts of muscle tensions and 'locks' in the body.


Though I wonder how and why it gets from a thought "I am ugly and undesireable" to a muscle tensing up in the stomach area. 🤔


Even such things like "time" might actually be just tension in the body. The tension kind of 'locks' the mind into the thought-story.


Belief = thought + body tension?? 🤔


Mindfully holding the stomach area relaxed is somehow very different, though I'm not sure why. Kind of feels like the thoughts and emotions just come and go, but are not clinged on. It also seems to intensify the emotion, which feels a bit scary.


There must be an effortless way.

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