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Do we Really Need 2000/1500 Calories a Day?

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On the path things are getting more intuitive, so im questioning now if we really need as many calories as the experts say.


I bring this up because I think its ridiculous to eat based on fullfilling a number requirement, instead of eating intuitively.


I feel drawn to eating one meal a day or within a one hour period, just feels better for me when im on an empty stomach for most of the day, it feels amazing. Ever woke up with a fully empty stomach just springing out of bed!? Its great.


The thing is, eating one meal a day is challenging the "norm" of eating 2000 calories a day.


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I agree. It's been a long time but I got it from somewhere that eating very little reduces chances of disease greatly, what we eat usually has toxins and we usually eat a lot of the same things. I prefer to eat intuitively, get to better positions in your life and eat as best you can, don't be afraid to be skinny, but do make sure you feel good. 


It may be good to get occasional nutrition blood tests if you go very lean though, it may be good to do that anyways as well though.

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@Eothasian Yea, I learned from a youtube video (not too sure on the validity) that the 2000 cal recommendation actually came from first observing people who ate the standard american diet, then they used THAT to come up with an average amount of calories that people are recommended to take.


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