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Desire - showing you the exact love you're looking for


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To be honest I wasn't quit sure how to label it.

Right now I'm looking at an image of characters in costumes, and I imagine them having a party, pillow fighting, fun games, talks, hugs, friendship... I just want to be part of them (in this imagination). I feel the love in that. I don't revert back and be like "fuck, it won't happen, stop imagining", but rather allowing my love and fantasy to deepen. I'm curious, and this is quite scientific.

I was starting to fall in love with it.

Desire is always showing us stuff we believe will get us love... I'm talking about this love, yeah, this exact love the moment the desire happens. There's no point in lying. You desire something because you believe it will give you this exact love you're looking for. This is so powerful man...😌

I had to truly allow myself to keep this fantasizing going for the sake of the continuation of this good feeling that is honest with me.


I can deepen my love to these images a lot. I can keep fantasizing a lot.

But what now? Do I keep it running?

@Phil@Mandy You guys understand better, but I think I'm really making an improvement with my 'progress'/ I am allowing more, becoming more open-minded and as a result - returning closer I believe.


At some point it must stop... But one second, before talking about what's next.. What do I really get from fantasizing about it? I guess I do feel the love, but I'm really living in this crazy illusion and it is quite psychotic to believe that I'm actually friends with them and experiencing all that fun when it is not really the case.


Hmm... a question that comes to mind is - what is actually a thought?

It seems like I can 'transfer' myself (consciousness) into this fantasy, as well as the one right here typing this, as well as the one who is discovering something.. interesting.

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You don't get anything from it. If the focus feels good, it is good. When thoughts shift to "is this psychotic?" you usually would feel bad.  If you're forcing yourself to continue staring at a photo you like past what is natural and fun, that's no longer paying attention to feeling. If you want naturally to shift focus to going for a walk or something, that's also good.


You will notice synchronicity and manifestation from what you put non-resistant thought into. Often it's some accidental unexpected small detail at first, but the process is incredibly fun because you get to see the inner workings of how thoughts become things. 


One of my neighbors had a bluebird mailbox cover, and I saw it, liked it, and thought how I'd never seen a bluebird before. I kept seeing it, and enjoying it and thinking this, never expecting anything from it. A couple years later I saw an actual bluebird right before the mailbox, was very excited, and then looked at the mailbox and the bluebird mailbox cover was now gone and the mailbox was plain, as if it never existed and the bluebird had just come alive and flown away. 

 Youtube Channel  

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On 8/30/2022 at 8:25 PM, fopylo said:

It seems like I can 'transfer' myself (consciousness) into this fantasy, as well as the one right here typing this, as well as the one who is discovering something.. interesting…

…having a party, pillow fighting, fun games, talks, hugs, friendship…

…But what now? Do I keep it running?

What would it be like to simultaneously be a world while making it seem as if you’re in it, and then experience the echos of your own limitless dreaming being as nighttime dreams, daytime fantasies and arising desires? It seems like then you’d be able to actually experience those desires in the world you’re being. I don’t know if that’s really possible but if it were it’d be nice if there were billions of people so the variety was such that there were others who had the same desires and wanted to experience them together, just like you. 

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