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The Nature of Pain/Discomfort


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Been inquiring into the nature of pain/discomfort, ate a lot of food and there was a lot of discomfort, journaled through it and struck some gold. 


In direct experience, the sensation/appearance that we call pain/discomfort really feels like the "pull" to move away from that which aroused the pain in the first place. 


Like in terms of collective conditioning there are so many interpretations of pain, and pain is seen as a solid "thing", but in direct experience pain is really a movement away from that which appears to have caused the pain. Do something that feels uncomfortable, eat a shitload of food, pig out, idk, then notice the sensation of pain, notice that the sensation feels like a "pulling away". Every time there is intense discomfort or pain the real feeling is an immense urge to recover or "move away" from the pain/discomfort.


Like when I eat a chicken wrap and a shitload of fruit, the thing called "discomfort" is really a strong "pull" away from eating too much food, and the discomfort has nothing to do with a separate self. 


Quite nice, so Infinite awareness appears as what we call "life" and because its unconditional, it appears as "things" that can appear to go away from infinite awareness and feel off, make sense? Basically god can get super lost in itself, in pain and pleasure and the extremes of life.


But because of course infinite awareness can never actually be away from itself, the pain itself is a "pull" away from that which aroused it in the first place and a move towards that which feels better, or the true nature. 


So in other words, nothing wrong with being uncomfortable, with being in pain, with having a preference to feel better. 


Pain/discomfort is a blessing, this appearance we call "life" wouldn't be the same without it.


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In direct experience there is very small pain and even that is quickly let go. Another interesting thing is that direct experience has its own rhythm and if you learn how to let it be the guide you will not be fearful, feel distress, tired(this is the bigger one), and will feel a constant relaxation . Also - if direct experience "takes over" it lets go things by itself, practically speaking. You can intervene and try to do something  but I would not advise it. Don't deal with things that are meant to be fixed by direct experience. Listen!


I will share a story with you. Last night a small(juvenile) cute stray dog entered the staircase - my mother came to me complaining how my dad is very afraid and that I should remove him from the staircase. Okay, I am too lazy to tell the story but basically it took me 30 min to get rid of him/her. I would try to scare him and the moment I let my guard down he would frown me then I would be either in love or afraid, nevertheless, he would win and stand his ground. I frown him back he try to lick me, open his mouth in sign of relaxation the moment I stop he frowns me back. I had intense anxiety but to tell you honestly also it made my day the dog was super super cute, smart and had a way of communication that is much more efficient than mine. In the end I grabbed him with carpet and put him outside.  Around 00:00 I got backIt took me entire night to calm down my anxiety(went to sleep at 4). I actually work with Lynx's and wildlife irl. Today I went on a hike and met couple of dogs - I didn't reach that level of anxiety because it would be quickly fixed by itself. The solution was to just let the feeling of awareness take over and be the ground of your reality - yep. For sure you are familiar with this feeling - just have to realize out that it has its actual rhythm - yup.  Also, one more thing, usually when I get back from this hike I crash 1 hr after the hike, it has been now 3 hrs and I still feel fine(last night I slept 4 hrs). 


Let me know if you need more info, okay? 😛


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