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The next time you’re talking to yourself, in your mind, ask yourself this question: Who or what is talking to who? Are there two different people in your head, one that is talking and one that is listening? If not, then it’s kind of weird that you would need to have a conversation with just yourself in your head. After all, it’s you who’s doing the talking, and you’d think that you would already know what you were going to say to yourself. So what’s up with that?

This self-talk is such a normal, everyday occurrence, and yet it points to something very deep about you as a person: the self is not an entity. It is not a little person or some kind of essence within you. Instead, the ego, or sense of self, is a construction. It is made of pieces. 

Experiencing this aspect of the ego directly, for yourself, is probably one of the more profound experiences a human being is capable of. It is, in fact, the essence of awakening, or at least the beginning of it. 

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ceaseless internal dialogue is the work of the ego to be. if it stops, the ego dies. It doesn't matter what you say, the important thing is to say something. It's like your heart beating it cannot stop if it wants to exist. stop it and  infinity will realize itself 

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