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Life is so boring

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All activities are suffering disguised as 'fun'. What even is fun but a brief relief of suffering. 


I could go surfing but I have to put on a wetsuit, suncream, go into cold water, paddle out and get out of breath, maybe get a wave which lasts like 5 seconds. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. I'd rather go for a walk than go through all this suffering for a supposedly 'fun' activity.


Doing sport with friends is even worse, competition is pure suffering. Relief if you win, feel awful if you lose.


Life is so dull. It's just different activities which are all really the same. Work is totally pointless, everything is an illusion, it's literally pointless. You are better off living off government benefits than going to work for a living. 


Sorry about my toxic beliefs, I know I'm an awful person but what I say is logical. Phil's videos give me hope but then I look at the actuality of what life is, just infinite activities, infinite work, infinite suffering. I agreed with him when he said thriving is a cruel joke and that he used to look forward to sleep. That is my every day, the most annoying thing is sleep isn't long enough. It is an illusion you get 8 hours sleep, it feels like 30 minutes, then awake and another day of hell. God is coping hard with existence, that's why time exists.

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The way life "is" is colored by the lens of the emotion you are feeling. If you are feeling discouraged, every subject you look at will appear discouraging. Believing that this is the way life "is" is illusion. Prove it for yourself by expressing the emotion and going straight to feeling itself. When you are on that wave and the exhilaration of that 5 seconds is present, (you are present) it's an eternity. Why? Because time does not exist. It's a thought. A thought you aren't thinking when you are utterly present. You think two points, two thoughts (now/future, past/future) then you measure/guess/assume the perceived distance between them as a third thought and you say time "exists". You powerful creator, you. 

 Youtube Channel  

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The Ten Ox-Herding Stages of Zen, from Map & Traps


Searching (First picture)

One is experiencing discord & suffering and has not yet acknowledged one is denying this.


One is believing thoughts are true, and is unaware of this, due to believing thoughts are true. One has no direct experience, no reference point, of an emptied & quiet mind.


One is favoring ‘being right’, over bringing an end to suffering. One cares more about what one thinks, than how one feels. One deflects and projects, dismissing the notion of adopting the practice, without noticing one is deflecting & projecting.


One begins to question the nature of oneself, the nature of suffering, of deflection & projection, and the origin & true nature of the universe and experience of reality therein.


The search is often brought about by loss, fear, suffering, feeling incomplete, unworthy, insecure, powerless, a sense something is lacking, something is wrong with oneself, or simply by intuition & curiosity.




It’s totally ok imo to deflect & project onto God. It’s completely innocent. God can take it, no worries there. In one way it’s very appropriate and sort of ideal. Much better than harming yourself or anyone else. Better imo to empty via expression than to continue to suppress (the guidance). 


Yet… it feels terrible to believe God is coping because this veils the truth of suffering. The coping is actually the deflection… the belief that suffering isn’t how what I’m believing feels… and the projection of the ignore-ance of this, or, the unwillingness to inspect and see this… onto God.  It’s like holding your hand to the hot stove believing the burning is because of the stove. One can take one’s hand off the stove.


Meditation brings about the simplicity of clarity, and thriving arises naturally, as inspiration & communion. Using the emotional scale, in this same way, what’s believed to be boredom… when one is willing to consider the suffering is related to what one is believing… is revealed to actually be pessimism. When I looked forward to sleep, I was under the spell of ignore-ance. I actually believed in sleep though I never actually experienced it, and did not yet realize what suffering was. I was ‘going along with the herd’, believing what everyone else believed apparently. I also believed thoughts about a myself (which sleeps), and I also believed the way this felt, the suffering, was because of basically anything other than, how what I was thinkin, felt. 





(Two cents)… Toxicity is an ideology which deeply veils, keeping one in the ignore-ance of believing how one feels is not because of one’s beliefs… by deflecting & projecting the discord of one’s own discordant beliefs onto ‘others’ and or the ‘separate self’ of thought. It arises from pride, vanity, etc. ‘Ego’, the ‘armor’. (Does this mean I’m saying to remain in an environment which is not conducive to well being… no it does not). I’m pointing to unveiling the truth of one’s own empowerment, liberating from the prison of ‘one’s own mind’. 


Applying infinity mentally and believing the thoughts, is thought attachment which is being ignored and therein emotional guidance with respect to suffering which is being suppressed. Terms such as an infinite number, infinite activities, infinite work, infinite suffering… are in this way ignore-ance… ignoring the guidance, the communion, which is already clear… as feeling… telling us so. 


Time is often manipulatively used as a ‘gap filler’ when part of an ideology doesn’t make sense. It’s a veiling means of purporting to make sense, when how one is seen is valued more than how one actually feels. This is done instead of allowing a willingness to introspect and uproot one’s own discordant beliefs as well. 



One route to go, is inspecting and seeing through manipulative ideologies by understanding conjecture. Put another way… the beginning of bringing suffering to an end, and allowing the communion and thriving therein, to begin. Allowing well being into one’s experience. 


And just in case it hasn’t been said… you are loved more than anyone can imagine. There is infinite, unconditional, endless boundless love here for you; reality, life, ‘itself’. When you align focus and what resonates, reality be’s it, and it will blow your fucking mind. 


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16 hours ago, howisitsoactivehere said:

@Phil Did I choose my current life? Like I imagined I was a child living next to the beach? Did I choose my parents? Did I imagine all of this and then forget that I did?

Journal, see what clears up. 🙂

Inspect the questions. 

What’s “choice”? Ever seen one?

What’s current life? Are you arriving at that conclusion from comparing the current life to a non-current life?

And my life…? There not-your lives too? 

There a past you imagined in? 


Far more relavant imo is the realization pessimism isn’t boredom, and that boredom feels better, but not as good as contentment. 


Suffering has nothing to do with the activities, only the beliefs held about. The clarity & answers desired, arise naturally upon letting the beliefs, and thus the suffering, go.  Allow activities the chance to be directly experienced, without a thought story prior to them being believed. You might enjoy what you find. You might even find that, to be a highly enjoyable activity. Align thought with feeling - just for how it feels right now. 


I once knew a guy who was so intelligent his logic was sheer perfection, until he realized he was miserable. In knowing what everyone else was missing, he missed this. 

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