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One Meal a Day

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@Orb It's tough at first. I used to fast a lot, fasting for 20 hours, eating for 4 every day.

If you're going to do it I'd recommend doing plenty of research into your daily requirements of minerals and nutrients and ensuring that these are part of your diet. Drink plenty of water too as headaches were an issue when I first started.

I found it difficult for around a week, but your body just adapts and it actually felt really good after that.

I found that my ability to focus increased tremendously as did my energy levels. 

Good luck with it.

Is there a particular reason you're doing this? Mine was simply to lose weight, but I found it beneficial in lots of areas. 

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I'm not sure I would try to combine vegan with one meal a day. People are usually making that work by relying on a ton of fat and protein. If you're eating lower levels of fat and protein and eating clean as a vegan your body isn't be lagged down by processing all that fat and protein 3 times a day. Fruits and veggies burn clean. 

 Youtube Channel  

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@Nowt hey! I'm currently doing it and I'm feeling well, I've always loved fasting so i figured omad would be perfect eventually. I'm always drinking water too so I got that covered. Oh and for a deeper reason, really due to personal preference i just like getting all the food stuff covered in one go.

@Mandy I think it can work, i ate a huge meal of potatoes, salad, tofu with veggies, and an avocado. Plus a loophole shake with a shitload of peanut butter.

Peanut butter is really the saving grace here when it comes to calories.

I'm feeling good so far, the food is passing through smoothly! 

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One meal a day was the rule in the Theravada Buddhist monastery I went to on a retreat. No way I could have done it by myself, but with the support of everyone else I got used to it.  I was surprised how much time it frees up to do other stuff and for the first few days I was obsessively thinking about food when I got hungry, I reckon this is an instinctive reaction.  Made me realise how much I eat just out of  habit rather than need. 

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