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Addiction’s and getting hold of were I put my energy


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I feel like the only way to get myself to do new things is to trick myself. I feel like whatever makes me feel good I will want to do it more in the future. Even if that activity gets harmful for my life, I will still want to do it. There is not so much room on being smart at that point. This type of circular behavior makes me angry at myself. Do you think “tricking” myself could be a solution? I.e Being more intentional of how I spend my day and were I put my energy. Sadly, I am not really sure if there is deep desires - just chasing feeling good. 

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@nurthur11 hm tricking yourself is a form of manipulation so i wouldnt go that route from my experience at least.


what you do to yourself you will inevitably do to others.


Kinda like when you judge a bunch of people you're also bound to judge yourself, same with manipulation.


45 minutes ago, nurthur11 said:

 just chasing feeling good. 

I think that's perfect, chasing feeling good is natural. For every single thing you can center it on how it feels, not how you think of it or what you believe.

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What is tricking what? 

Once you are orbiting around one loop of doing things it takes a bit of escape velocity to get out. 
Intent has the power to do that, it is what focus is upon. It isn’t tricking yourself, the more you focus on something the more you build up momentum towards it. 

The more you realize things that are harmful to you don’t resonate the more you focus upon the things that do. 


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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